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Human Rights – MUtually Raising excellence

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - HURMUR (Human Rights – MUtually Raising excellence)

Reporting period: 2017-04-01 to 2018-12-31

HURMUR's overall objective is to raise the capacity of Tallinn University in conducting world-class human rights research, initiate and participate in human rights research and dissemination networks and disseminate awareness of different human rights issues within the civil society. This objective will be realized through the establishments of Research Centre of Fundamental Rights and a new academic journal – East European Yearbook on Human Rights, as well as through state-of-the-art global initiative to study the phenomenon of new human rights. The project aims to facilitate public discussion about human rights and achieve academic sustainability of Tallinn University as one of the key human rights research institutions in Eastern Europe.
During the first phase of the project relevant achievements provide assurance that the overall objectives will be fully realized. The research centre has been established and has set up a network involving hundreds of public officials, academics and human rights activists. East European Yearbook has a reputable international advisory board and editorial board. The strategy of the yearbook will lead to significant contributions in opening the national human rights issues to the world and provide content analysis of human rights issues by the world’s leading human rights scholars. The first edition will appear in 2018. Tallinn Conference in September 2017 addressing the phenomenon of new human rights is an unprecedented gathering of highly recognized academics and experts studying new human rights from around the globe.
It is fair to state even at this stage that the results will surpass expectations. The preparatory work with the yearbook has demonstrated the timeliness of this undertaking. The yearbook will impact the overall human rights research capacities in Eastern and Central Europe through the state-of-the-art quality of the contributors. The yearbook has the potential to develop into the premier human rights academic journal in this area. The research activity about new human rights has already produced exceptional academic contributions. The conference and subsequent book about new human rights will provide an overarching conceptual basis for the understanding of the modern understanding of human rights and the expansion of rights claiming universality. This impact has a clear international dimension.
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