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Concerted Action EPBD IV


Contribution to website from CTM

Contribution from each CTM to the development of content for the website. Continuous over the project.

Development of CA EPBD Website

Public Website for the CA project, update of existing website and increased collaborations with websites such as BuildUp. Active through the whole CA and will be updated after each CA plenary meeting.

Material for website on collaboration with other CAs

Text for website on collaboration with other CAs for EED and RES and for collaboration with other projects funded by the European Union. First material in 5 month and the continuous updates and new material.

Database with all publications

Development of database with public material from Central Teams and Country Reports and general material about the progress of the CA. Start after 12 months, first full version after 24 month.

Stakeholder events

Stakeholder events either in connection to the CA plenaries or as specific activity. Aim is to disseminate material on the CA work and also to develop collaboration and interaction with external parties. Events combining with other CAs or events supporting implementation process or revision will have high priority. This includes key stakeholders, other CAs or regional actors. Two major events with face to face participation are foreseen. Further events can be web-based interaction or mixed meeting and web transmission.

Public Power Points on progress of CA IV

Development of Power Points for public presentation on the CA and its progress. To be developed and updated over the whole process. Including elements from all WPs.

KIDS - Key Implementation Decisions / Indicators for countries

.1 - .x, Key Implementation Decisions, KIDs / indicators for each country or region. First update by months 20 and a possible update before end of CA project.

Public Summary reports from Central Teams

.1 - .12, Public reports from each Core Team and Cross-cutting Team. First version available at the latest after 20 months and final or updated version by end of CA (30). Responsible for each report is the respective Central Team Manager.

Country Information

.1 - .x, Country information on the website. Half of the countries during the first 2 years and rest before end of the CA

Country Reports

.1 - .68, Country reports. One report for each country / region after 20 months and possible update by end of the CA. Each country responsible for 2 reports and all reviewed by the Coordinator and EASME.

Fact Sheets on special issues.

.1 - .12, Fact sheets on specific topics. One per Core and Cross-Cutting Team in first half and a one in second half from each. 2 lead by each Central Team Manager. Overall coordination by CSTC.

Executive summary report on progress from CA IV

.1 & .2, Public summary reports from the CA progress. First version due after 20 month and update by end of the CA. Coordinating material from all WPs.

Database driven PDF Book

.1 & .2, Database driven publication pdf / book format from the CA EPBD. First version to be made by 22 months and final or updated version by end of the CA. Based on material from Database in D5.3.

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