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EU-STRAT - The EU and Eastern Partnership Countries: An Inside-Out Analysis and Strategic Assessment


Working paper summarizing case studies on how domestic actor constellations are strengthened or weakened by patterns of interdependencies to understand the (in)stability of domestic regimes

Involved partners: FUB, UIPP, OSW, UNISG, FMSH, ESTEP

Set of working papers on the nexus between interdependencies across issue areas in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

D3.2a Ukraine (UIPP, OSW) D3.2b Moldova (FMSH, IDIS, OSW) D3.2c Belarus (UIPP, OSW)

Working paper analysing the impact of the programme for bilateral and multilateral scientific and educational cooperation on the countries part of the EaP

Involved partners: SYMPA, LU

Reports on policy briefings in the EaP countries

Involved partners: UIPP, IDIS, SYMPA

Working Paper mapping varieties of LAO with respect to governing elites, their involvement with business (rent seeking), state capacity, rule of law, fusion of political institutions and business

Involved partners: FUB, UL, UoB, UNISG, UIPP, FMSH, IDIS, SYMPA

Working paper on the role of LAO regime actors in structuring the design and implementation of research programmes in the EaP

Involved Partners: SYMPA, UIPP, IDIS, UL

A report summarizing the findings of a set of experimental studies assessing the effectiveness of the EU's communicative discourses and EU or country level actions with a subsequent deliberative discussion

Involved partners: UL, UIPP, SYMPA, IDIS

Working paper analyzing the susceptibility of domestic actors towards external actors’ strategies and approaches

Involved partners: VU, OSW, UNISG, IDIS

Paper on AA as a dynamic framework: Institutional set up

Involved partners: UoB, FMSH

Report on EU-STRAT kick-of conference

Involved partner: FUB

Report on EU-STRAT midterm conference

Involved Partners: VU

Development and approval of EU-STRAT's Ethics Standards

Involved partners: UoB, SG, UL with input from all partners

Working paper identifying the normative principles and values of the EU aims to project and the EU's communication strategies based on existing documents and secondary sources

Involved partners: UL, UIPP, SYMPA, IDIS

EU-STRAT Working Paper Series

Involved partner: FUB [first Working Paper to be published in month 7]

Policy brief ‘Interdependencies in the EaP region; Implications for the EU’

Involved partners: UoB, FUB, UIPP

‘Beyond the AAs’: Alternative and complementary strategies

D6.3a: Brain-storming event on ‘EU’s engagement with Belarus: Maximizing Impact and Preparing for Contingencies’, drawing on the results of WP7 (SYMPA, UL, VU) D6.3b: A report on complementary modes of engagement (civil society initiatives, Energy Union) (UL, IDIS, ESTEP, VU).

Working paper reviewing the institutional framework and the implementation of the programme for bilateral and multilateral scientific and educational cooperation between the EU and countries from the EaP, and between EaP countries themselves

Involved partners: SYMPA, UL

Report from the workshop integrating the North et al typology with the concepts and findings of the state capture literature, to identify core concepts and players


Working paper ‘Learning from Enlargement: comparing capacity building and monitoring under enlargement with the AA implementation framework’

Involved partners: UL, FUB, ESTEP

EU-STRAT Policy Paper Series

Involved partner: OSW

A social network analysis of political and economic elites in one Eastern Partnership country, providing practical empirical insights into the relations and embeddedness of economic and political elites

Involved partners: UL

Working paper analysing the ties, linkages and actors that potentially strengthen Russia’s influence on domestic discourses in the EaP countries

Involved partners: UL, UIPP, SYMPA, IDIS

Report on Workshop 'Raising awareness of diverging lines in epistemic communities'

Involved partners: UNISG

Policy brief evaluating the policy options for the further development of these programmes given the results of the impact assessment

Involved partners: UL, SYMPA

Working paper introducing the analytical framework for comparing approaches and strategies of the selected external actors

Involved partners: UNISG, VU, OSW, UoB, FMSH

Working paper analyzing the implications of the overlaps of different regimes and frameworks on the extent and nature of bilateral interdependencies

Involved partners: UNISG, FMSH, IDIS, OSW, UoB, ESTEP

Working paper analyzing the way bilateral, regional and global regimes shape the nature of the identified interdependencies

Involved Partners: UoB, OSW, FMSH, ESTEP, IDIS

Reports on EU-STRAT events

Involved partners: FUB with input from all partners

Two policy briefs: presenting WP6’s findings in a horizontal way to inform policy making

Involved partners: UoB, ESTEP, FMSH, VU

Working paper analysing the elements of the Russian discourse and database of documents

Involved partners: UL, UIPP, SYMPA, IDIS

Working paper developing scenarios of transition to OAOs through different pathways, such as economic, social and external shocks, building on the findings of other Work Packages, especially WP3, 4 and 6

Involved partners: FUB, UL, ESTEP, VU, IDIS

Set of papers on ‘Making Association Agreements Work’: horizontal and sectoral assessment of implementation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

D6.4a: Extent of regulatory approximation (sectoral analysis) (ESTEP, IDIS, FMSH, UIPP) D6.4b: State capacity, state capture and their the effects on the implementation of the AAs, drawing on the findings of WP2 (horizontal and sectoral analysis) (LU, UoB, ESTEP, FMSH) D6.4c: Economic sustainability and negative externalities: implications for non-state actors (sectoral analysis) (FUB, UIPP, IDIS) D6.4d: Assessment of the impact of political and economic interdependencies on the implementation of the AAs, by drawing on the findings of WP3 (horizontal and sectoral analysis) (UoB, FMSH, IDIS)

Report from a workshop discussing the analytical framework for comparing approaches and strategies of selected external actors

Involved partners: VU, SU, OSW, FMSH, UoB, IDIS

EU-STRAT final publication

Involved partners: FUB, UL with input from all partners

Working paper building on experimental results, establishing the success or failure in the reception of EU messages, discourses and the understanding of EU actions and messages to media and the public

Involved partners: UL, SYMPA

Policy brief on how the EU should engage with external actors that countervail or complement the Eastern Partnership initiative in order to ensure, where possible, greater coherence and political weight for the policy

Involved partners: OSW, VU, UNISG

Newsletter Series

Involved partners: OSW, FUB with input from all partners

Set of working papers comparing the approaches and strategies of the EU to other external actors’ engagement in the EaP countries to be turned into a joint publication (special issue or edited volume)

Involved partners: VU, OSW, UNISG, FMSH, IDIS, UoB

Report on EU-STRAT final conference

Involved partners: UL

Background paper taking stock of available data to prepare a database on the extent/scope/structural importance of interdependencies

Involved partners: UIPP, UNISG

Policy brief summarizing the relevant implications of WP2’s findings for the EU’s engagement with LAO (“Do’s and Don’ts”)

Involved partners: FUB, UL, FMSH, ESTEP

Research database

Involved partner: VU

Working paper exploring statehood in comparative perspective focusing on Ukraine and Belarus and developing theoretical propositions about the role of statehood and limited access institutions in the interaction with the EU

Involved partners: UL, FUB, ESTEP, UoB, SYMPA, UIPP

Working paper on ‘Assessing Legal and Political Compatibility between the EU engagement strategies and membership of the Eurasian Economic Union'

Involved partners: UoB, VU, FMSH

EU-STRAT website

Involved partners: UL (with input from all partners)


Civil society and external actors: how linkages with the EU and Russia interact with socio-political orders in Belarus and Ukraine

Author(s): Honorata Mazepus, Antoaneta Dimitrova, Matthew Frear, Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Oleksandra Keudel, Nina Onopriychuk, Natallia Rabava
Published in: East European Politics, Issue 37/1, 2021, Page(s) 43-64, ISSN 2159-9165
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Inc.
DOI: 10.1080/21599165.2021.1873780

Opening in times of crisis? Examining NATO and the EU's support to security sector reform in post-Maidan Ukraine

Author(s): Elyssa Shea, Marta Jaroszewicz
Published in: East European Politics, Issue 37/1, 2021, Page(s) 159-181, ISSN 2159-9165
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Inc.
DOI: 10.1080/21599165.2021.1878151

Varieties of Limited Access Orders: The nexus between politics and economics in hybrid regimes

Author(s): Esther Ademmer, Julia Langbein, Tanja A. Börzel
Published in: Governance, 2019, Page(s) 1-18, ISSN 0952-1895
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/gove.12414

Regionalism as You Like It? Armenia and the Eurasian Integration Process

Author(s): Laure Delcour
Published in: The International Spectator, Issue 53/3, 2018, Page(s) 55-69, ISSN 0393-2729
Publisher: Routledge
DOI: 10.1080/03932729.2018.1483608

The EU’s Policy in the South Caucasus

Author(s): Laure Delcour, Katharina Hoffmann
Published in: L'Europe en Formation, Issue 385 (Summer 2018), 2018, Page(s) 8-25, ISSN 0154-9928
Publisher: Centre international de formation européenne

The Effects of the EU’s Scientific Cooperation on the Eastern Partnership Countries: Development Impact of the Integration into European Scientific Community

Published in: THE EUROPEAN UNION AND THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP: SECURITY CHALLENGES, 2018, Page(s) 421-450, ISBN 978-9975-56-534-9
Publisher: ECSA Moldova

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