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The Multimedia Yasna


The First Three Hymns of the Ahunauuaitī Gāθā

Author(s): Benedikt Peschl
Published in: 2022, ISBN 978-90-04-52916-8
Publisher: Brill

The Gujarati Ritual Directions of the Paragnā, Yasna and Visperad Ceremonies

Author(s): Céline Redard and Kerman Dadi Daruwalla
Published in: Series: Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 2 South Asia, Volume: 2 Corpus Avesticum, Volume: 2, 2021, ISBN 978-90-04-44919-0
Publisher: Brill

The Sanskrit Yasna Manuscript S1. Facsimile Edition

Author(s): Leon Goldman
Published in: Handbook of Oriental Studies/Handbuch der Orientalistik, Section Two, South Asia, 2017, Page(s) 384
Publisher: Brill

A Thousand Judgements. Festschrift for Maria Macuch

Author(s): Almut Hintze, D. Durkin-Meisterernst & C. Naumann, eds.
Published in: 2019, ISBN 978-3-447-11094-5
Publisher: Harrassowitz

The Sros Dron - Yasna 3 to 8 : A Critical Edition with Ritual Commentaries and Glossary

Author(s): Céline Redard
Published in: 2021, ISBN 9789004470316
Publisher: Brill
DOI: 10.1163/9789004500471_005

Edward William West and the Pahlavi codex MK

Published in: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2021, Page(s) 1-13, ISSN 1356-1863
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
DOI: 10.1017/s1356186321000225

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