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Net impact model tool

An online tool that presents an overview of the company results.

ET Risk Models workshops & webinars

At least three workshops and three webinars on the findings of the WP as well as a minimum of 15 client meetings by Kepler-Cheuvreux and S&P Capital IQ. NB: S&P Capital IQ and Kepler-Cheuvreux are likely to organize a number of additional meetings around the research and their commercial activities more generally. The 15 meetings are listed as a minimum in terms of the funding associated with this project.

Database adoption

At least one mainstream database provider adopts the locked-in / unlockable GHG-emissions data model for their dataset. The activities involve at least 20 consultations with database providers and end users.

Asset@ETRisk workshops & webinars

At least 2 workshops and 2 webinars around the publications, in addition to the presentation of the findings at least two external events, reaching a total target audience of +200 people. The consortium will seek to present the findings in at least one non-consortium country.

ET Risk Concept workshops & webinars

At least 3 workshops and 3 webinars on outputs reaching out +200 stakeholders.

Asset@ETRisk database

Database of locked-in and unlockable GHG-emissions of industrial assets (Asset@ETRisk database). The database, subject to license restrictions, will be made publicly available through the project website.

Reporting template

A standardized reporting template on ET Risk that companies and financial institutions can use to report to key external stakeholders, civil society, and beneficiaries.

Report of general guidance for scenario analysis and 5 industry reports on its application

Report on general guidance for scenario analysis and 5 industry reports presenting the application of the net impact model to selected companies and applying the net margin impact models to valuations.

1 White Paper on integrating ET risk into credit risk

1 white paper on capturing the ET impact on credit risk models

3x reports on implications for fossil fuel sector

3 10-page reports on implications of the research for the fossil fuel sector.

3x discussion papers on barriers to integrating ET Risk in practices

3 20-page discussion papers on barriers to integrating ET Risk in practices.

ET Risk concept report

50-page report on concept of ET Risk, targeting in particular financial institutions and corporate CIOs.

ET Risk report

A 50-page report on the outcomes of the analysis, specifically the iteration of the two risk scenarios developed in Task 3 & Task 4.

Policy guidance document

A policy guidance document of 20-30 pages on how policy makers can integrate ET Risk into companies and financial institutions reporting requirements.

Summary for policy makers

A policy note summarizing the key results and implications for policy makers.

Asset@ETRisk report

40-50 page report mapping locked-in and unlockable GHG-emissions of industrial assets. The report will provide guidance on the methodological model related to measuring locked-in and unlockable GHG-emissions and present key quantitative results from the guidance.

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Transition risks and market failure: a theoretical discourse on why financial models and economic agents may misprice risk related to the transition to a low-carbon economy

Author(s): Jakob Thomä, Hugues Chenet
Published in: Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, 7/1, 2016, Page(s) 82-98, ISSN 2043-0795
Publisher: Informa UK Limited
DOI: 10.1080/20430795.2016.1204847