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REScoop Plus


Final Data Analysis Report

Report that presents complete data analysis, and will be also published in one or two academic publications.

Project Handbook

Document defining the plan and strategy for all project meetings, templates for presentations, agendas, and methods for consortium management (knowledge management tools). Includes: • Project risk management describing the risk mitigation program. It will include the risk identification, qualitative risk assessment, quantitative risk analysis, risk response planning, risk monitoring and control, control dates, and responsible for the program execution. • Quality assurance plan chapter describing the processes and resources for ensuring the quality of deliverables in the project and peer review process for all deliverables.

Improved Toolkit

New version of the toolkits, with a log of changes and improvements.

Effectiveness Report 2

Final report that will assess the effectiveness of the tools used by the energy supplying REScoops in Europe. The comparative analysis will also consider country specific factors.

Data Analysis Report

Report on data gathering including critical details and lessons learned.

Report on 6 workshops and commitments for market uptake

After every workshop, contact details are asked for those REScoops interested in implementing the toolbox. will follow up after the project in order to market the toolbox and offer the services of the REScoop expert group. Deliverable includes agenda, report and list of participants of each workshop.

Effectiveness Report 1

Report that will assess the effectiveness of the tools used by the energy supplying REScoops in Europe. The comparative analysis will also consider country specific factors.

Report on 8 High policy meetings

4 reports on a meeting on a national level with civil servants in either the regulatory offices dealing with the retail market or policy makers dealing with the retail market. 4 reports on EU level with civil servants in either the regulatory offices dealing with the retail market or policy makers dealing with the retail market. The reports of the meetings made will be used to improve the final legal report of WP6 and the position papers on the National and EU level.

Three action plans for implementing the Toolkit

Action plans list all activities, amount of hours spend and timeframe and expected results.

Three recorded in-house trainings added to the toolkit

The movies or power point webinars will be placed on the and the project website and will be added to the toolkit.

Best practices Toolkit

Based on the selection of best practices from T4.2 and the Workshops in T4.3, this report includes the best practices toolkit.

Academic-work conference report

A 20 page report will be written about the subjects discussed and the evaluation and discussion of the results presented. The report will be used to improve the toolkit implementation and to improve the second data collection.

Conference report and commitment of REScoops to implement the toolkit

All the workshops on how to implement the toolkit in different fields will be recorded and placed as open source information on the website of for new REScoops to implement. From participants commitment statements will be asked where they agree to follow up and implement (parts) of the toolkit and will communicate on its results in the future.

Final Report on Best Practices and Legal barriers for supplying REScoops and promoting energy efficiency

Final report analysing legal best practices and legal barriers for REScoops to involve members in energy savings, based on Interim Report and the results of the implementation of the toolkit in pilot REScoops. The report will include recommendations for how these barriers should be resolved, both at national and EU level through additional guidance and/or legal measures.

National Regulatory Environment Report

Reports by REScoops on adapting the toolkit to the national regulatory context, including, if appropriate, advice for necessary legal reforms.

Zero-point report on data of Supplying REScoops

This evaluation report will give a compressive analysis of the current state of data in REScoops organized in such a ways that the data between REScoops can be compared and the project can come to relevant conclusions. This report will include an academic argumentation for the methodology used of the collection of data.

REScoop Plus Website

REScoop Plus website hosting, design and launch.

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