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Innovative Technology for District Heating and Cooling


Test sites for Real Case Studies

Selection of test sites for real case studies in Vransko municipality and especially in France where a DHC system with specific criteria should be selected from 479 networks in France.

Patent search

The market and patent search will be made

Life Cycle Assessment

LCI, LCIA, LCA and LCCA will be made

IPR registry

all project results will be documented in an IPR directory

Draft plan for disseminating the use of knowledge (PUDK)*

A draft plan for disseminating the use of knowledge (PUDK) will be made

Project website public

A website for the project will be made.

InDeal promotional video (Interviews & Results)

InDeal promotional videos with interviews and final results will be made.

Reports on industry workshops

Reports on industry workshops will be made

Real Case Study B – District Heating and Cooling

Tests at operational conditions of InDeal system will be made at French DHCS

Second loop for final design (prototype)

The integrated architecture will be adapted in such a way as to propose a final general arrangement, sensors position, and expected speed performances. The InDeal system final design will be the result of this task.

Real Case Study A – District Heating

Tests at operational conditions of InDeal system will be made at DHSS of Vransko municipality.

First loop for preliminary design

This task addresses the first interaction for the integrated design characteristics of the InDeal system.

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