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High Nature Value Farming: Learning, Innovation and Knowledge.


validated policy paper

Policy paper synthesising and summarising the main conclusions of the final conference


"Typology analysis, taking the form of a synthetic document (""Atlas"") comparing the different geographical LA at the EU level."

scientific papers

At least, 2 scientific papers submitted to peer reviewed scientific journals and conferences communications

Synthesis of HNV-LINK’s Regional Meeting findings

Based on the reports on Regional Meeting findings (both in national language and in English written under the supervision of each LA coordinator) the coordinator will issue a general synthesis regarding the three main objectives pursued by this activity.

reports on HNV farming innovations

Reports on EU-level research and experiences in HNV farming innovation according to each of the four innovation themes (Products and Markets, Farming Techniques, Social and Institutional, Regulatory Framework).

Report on Network Meeting 2

Complete report on the Innovation Fair Meeting (NM2), according to the standard format (participant list, agenda, resume, slide presentations, synthesis)

Operational V1 assessment guideline

Operational V1 assessment guideline to be used in each LA.

Guideline note for learning areas coordinators

V0 guidelines for Learning Area coordinators, to assist and standardise their assessment work in the LA.

End User Material

"The resulting innovative knowledge and easy accessible end-user material from this project should feed into the EIP-AGRI website for broad dissemination. The end-user material to be produced contains a substantial number of summaries for practitioners in the EIP common format (""practice abstracts""), including the characteristics of the project (e.g. contact details of partners, etc). A full package of practice abstracts is needed for the project, containing all the outcomes/recommendations which are ready for practice. A ""practice abstract"" is a short summary of around 1000-1500 characters (word count – no spaces; see below) which describes a main information/recommendation/practice that can serve the end-users in their daily practice. The guidance to be followed for these practice abstracts and some explanatory text is available on the EIP-AGRI web site ( Short summary for practitioners (1000-1500 characters, word count – no spaces).This summary should at least contain the following information: 1) Main results/outcomes of the activity (expected or final) 2) The main practical recommendation(s): what would be the main added value/benefit/opportunities to the end-user if the generated knowledge is implemented? How can the practitioner make use of the results? This summary should be presented as interesting as possible for farmers/end-users, using a direct and easy understandable language and pointing out entrepreneurial elements which are particularly relevant and attractive for practitioners (e.g. related to cost, productivity etc). Research oriented aspects which do not help the understanding of the practice itself should be avoided. Therefore, a set of practice abstracts will be braodcast at the end of the project, under the responsibility of WP3 Leader based on: the results of WP1 activities on HNV farming performance (both environmental and socio-economic); the results of WP2 activities on innovations able to increase HNV farming performance; the results of WP4 activities, on innovations transfert and adpatation."

administrative kick-off meeting report

administrative kick-off meeting report

Final common framework and guidance for grassroots learning

Final common framework and guidance for grassroots learning on HNV farming innovation


Hotline supporting each partner in its relationship with third parties (terms of reference, contracts…), and providing continuous advice and support to the partners especially when unexpected events occur.

project summary

Summary about the project placed in all partners' websites.

Report on Network Meeting 1

Complete report of the Metholodogical Network Meeting (NM1) (participant list, agenda, resume, slide presentations, synthesis, etc. ) according to a standard format validated for the 2 other Network meetings to be held.

Final communication materials

Communication materials for the final network meeting

synthetic notes

Collection of baseline assesments in order to produce synthetic notes in the fields of socio-economic development of HNV farming and of environmental dynamics + socio-institutional innovations.

Report on Network Meeting 3

Report on the final Network Meeting (NM3), according to a standard format validated for the 2 other Network meetings to be held.

practical administrative and financial implementation manual

"administrative and financial implementation manual for project management to each partner including ""good practices"" of resources management, emphasising the duties of each partner and setting out the project management procedures."

Contact list

Contact list identifying relevant new, ongoing or past projects and organisations and networks as target dissemination and communication points outside the consortium. The project will also screen for additional collaborators and contributors at national and European levels.

national language reports on grassroot innovation

Reports produced in the national language according to a common template containing key lessons and conclusions extracted from the innovation analysis.

Note on Methodology

Synthesis of the main methodological conclusions that can be drawn after the completion of the Baseline Assessment and the Collection of Innovation in each LA. It will be an input for the NM2 in Evora.

Innovation transfer action plans & Regional Meeting Reports

Innovation transfer action plans & Regional Meeting Reports for 10 LA as well as other support materials for 10 LA as decided by the partners (incl. printed and/or online materials).

Compendium report

Completion of a standard fiche in English for each LA. These are combined to create a HNV-Link Compendium report in English summarising the key lessons on innovation extracted from the grassroots learning.

General synthesis of innovation transfer actions results

Based on each LA “innovation and dissemination action plan” as well as on a serie of “reports on networking action” per each activity carried out in each learning, the coordinator will issue a general synthesis and highlight the main results obtained during the “using phase” of the network , in term of sustainable innovation.

Project leaflet

Project leaflet in English and in the national languages

short notes and interviews

Short notes and interviews with associated actors in each LA, under the supervision of each coordinator will form the material disseminated, with regards to two dimensions of the baseline assessment: (i) Good practices and vigilance points in operating the baseline: what? How? Who? (ii) Good practice and vigilance points in making use of the baseline in the context of an innovative project. Such materials will be used on the Internet websites of the members of the consortium and on the specific Technical Network website.

special CIHEAM-IAMM newsletter issue

Special CIHEAM-IAMM newsletter issue showing off the projects'results and emphasising the importance of different types of HNV farming innovations.

Interactive innovations map

Interactive map with at least ten innovation cases and gaps

project website

Project website with the initial content. All participants (also non-partner collaborators) will be mentioned and valorised (links to their own sites and resume on how their activities relate to HNV).

biannual newsletters

biannual electronic newsletters giving updated information about the project's activities and results

Communication to relevant EU channels

Regular communication to the relevant EU newsletters and channels.

EFNCP special edition of La Cañada newsletter

EFNCP special edition of La Cañada newsletter highlighting the projects'results and emphasising the importance of different types of HNV farming innovations.

overview of network meeting reports

overview of network meeting reports, online with pictures

Package of educational materials

educational package on HNV farming innovations for use in vocational and higher education. The package will be available as open source resources on the project website.

posts on social media

regular posts on social media giving updated information about the project's activities and results

Press releases

Press-releases to share key information before events as innovation seminars

Overview of the project scientific papers

Overview of the project scientific papers produced and presentation made during the project about HNV farming.

project's final brochure

project's final brochure incluyding all key project's results

facebook group

active facebook group representing the consortium and communicating about the project

project graphical identity

Approved project logo, templates for text documents and Power Point presentations giving an uniform, appealing and consistent image of the project.

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HNV-Link Project Booklet

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HNV-Link Policy Paper - What EU policy framework do we need to sustain High Nature Value (HNV) farming and biodiversity?

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