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Ecologic Smart system for Housing and Innovative Electronic Large Defence


Standard solutions for electronic components housing need power-consuming cooling devices to keep the internal operative
temperature. An air-conditioner requires space, additional costs for transportation and high power consumption. Motulab Srl
will provide the market with a Modular Smart Frame (MSF), that is a shelter based on passive insulation and built with an
innovative combination of elements opportunely designed to maintain the internal temperature with reduced (or even
without) conditioning systems; part of them is a panel made of recycled plastic, heritage of Motulab former participation to
the CIP EU funding scheme.
The MSF can address Microwave stations, Satellite communication - Earth stations, Base repeater stations (BTS), Power
stations, Switching stations, Gas & Oil pipelines SCADA station, Railways, Computer rooms. In Italy alone, BTS annual
consumption approaches 2.1 TWh/year, namely 0.6 % of total national electrical consumption (source TERNA): a huge
number corresponding to 1.2 Mtons of equivalent CO2: the minimum power consumption saving will be 25/30%.
From the financial point of view a preliminary analysis has been done, revealing a real possibility to boost the company’s
turnover by 600%. The main targets for the business are the EU’s telecommunications and ICT infrastructures sectors. A
specialized company for commercialization has been engaged in 2015, to share a portafolio of huge users like Telecom Spa
(major Italian telecommunication company) and Trenitalia (major Italian railway company).

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


Via Nettunense Km. 6,800 14
00040 Ariccia
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 50 000