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Enhanced Satellite Laser Ranging System

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EO-SLR (Enhanced Satellite Laser Ranging System)

Reporting period: 2015-10-01 to 2016-03-31

HEE Photonic Labs develops its proprietary SLR system which incorporates the latest advances in the field in order to assure ease of setup and use, and provide new features and functionality unmatched by any other SLR system currently available. The overall objective of the feasibility study was to elaborate a business plan in order to verify the technological/practical as well as economic viability of the EOSLR development. This required estimating market conditions, mapping state-of-the-art alternatives, assessing freedom-to-operate, developing an intellectual property protection plan, specifying the system concept, evaluating cost and timeline of a potential Phase 2 project, and elaborating the business strategy.
The feasibility study confirmed that globally there exists a large, unsatisfied need for SLR instrumentation, expected to become increasingly acute in the coming decade. None of the competitors currently offers a SLR system that would have features similar to EOSLR. Based on the elaborated system concept, detailed cost calculations confirmed that achieving the expected end-user final price is realistic. No patent was identified that would limit the commercialisation of the EOSLR, as planned. The key insights gained during the market analysis, analysis of strategic alternatives, and feedback from potential customers did not imply any major changes to the initially outlined business strategy, however, target groups were specified and strategic partners were identified for both further development and commercialization.
Altogether, the feasibility study confirmed the economic and technical viability of the EOSLR development, so that a Phase II proposal reflecting all results of the feasibility study, including development work plan and resource requirements, has been prepared and is to be submitted.