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Drug detection for personal protection

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - DrugStop (Drug detection for personal protection)

Reporting period: 2015-11-01 to 2016-02-29

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) is an increasing threat in the modern society, where it commonly is referred to as drug rape. Everybody is aware of the problem, but until now there has been no reliable way individuals can protect themselves against this crime. The purpose of “drink spiking”, i.e. the act of adding drugs to a person’s drink is not only sexually assault. A new emerging trend is that criminals do it to incapacitate the victim and rob their belongings. Our goal is to commercialize a handheld device that can protect victims against DFSA and related crimes.

Our product provides a first of its kind defense for individuals against DFSA. It has traditionally been notoriously difficult to detect and determine if drugs have been involved in a rape. The forensic evidence, i.e. traces of the used drug(s) and their metabolites, are cleared form the victims’ blood stream in a matter of hours or a few days, leaving no evidence behind. Our goal is to provide the individual with a protective barrier that can be used before it is too late, essentially giving victims a way in which they can actively defend themselves.

The objectives of this Feasibility Study:
- Further market studies are conducted to identify and solve the challenges faced for the market introduction of the Drugfindr devices.
- A thorough evaluation of the future development plans towards the final Drugfindr devices, including identification and establishment of partnerships within sales, components and ISO
certification issues.
- IP management of the inventions.
Through 7 market surveys we established the basis for defining different strategies, with emphasis on consumer behavior and prize elasticity with the aim to identify the optimal commercialisation strategy for the Drugfindr devices for the European and global market, which ended up in a go-to-market plan.
Moreover we have clarified the most efficient manner to gain access to the B2B and B2C markets, which includes identification of potential distributions partners with a well-established network within those markets in a global context.
Based on interviews with end-users, both from B2B and B2C, the design, regarding both appearance and User Interface, which stands as input to our development plan. The development plan shows a thorough investigation and planning for the final steps towards the Drugfindr devices including a plan for miniaturization and cost optimization of the Drugfindr units and an optimal and synergetic development of the two devices.
We stepped into further investigations of the Supply Chain issues including analysing the requirements for going into large-scale production of the devices, which also are
dependent of potential partners. We have investigated collaboration ships possibilities within the fields of sales and market, certification, standard components and manufacturing of customized components and miniaturization processes.
Moreover we have reinvestigated our patents to ensure freedom to operate, and prevent potential competitors from using our solution and we have defined the key knowledge areas that will be held for further maturation, including the principal technology i.e. the software and hardware and the understanding of the market and end-user needs.
We have defined a solution, which solves the need for proactive handling of own security.
With a huge move forward concerning markets, users and buyers worldwide, hereunder priceestimation, clarification of assumptions for the supply chain mainroad to the market we define drugfindr as state of the art.

Drugfindr is the first of its kind, solving the protection of everyone in socialising contexts. Drugfindr is patent protected.

Drugfindr is the only solution, which stands as a designed handheld discrete and reliable multidrug scanner for personal use, whereever you are. This feasibility Study gave us the possibility to make our ambitions to commercialize Drugfindr practical and realistic through a road map bringing us from TRL6 to market launching.

We have defined and prepared two commercial milestones, with two products and key market applications. The first product (Drugfindr for B2B) is a handheld device that can be used by security staffs, bar owners, festival organizers etc. to ensure the safety of the guests at their establishment. The second device (Drugfindr for B2C) is intended for the guests own protection-handling against assault and robbery, including drug rape. The 2 products are placed on the innovation ambition scale, where Drugfindr B2B will be achieved and commercialized first. We have now in detail analysed and prepared next steps for commercialization.

The expected potential impact can be seen through positive sales forecast from buyer and user predicted buying behavior through another way of socializing, as a proactive taken care of own and nearest security without fear of getting druged. In a broader perspective this device gives people freedom to live the lifes they want in their relevant context.

Moreover if some people are checking their drinks, then the others get a wakeup call, that this problem is real for them too. In our own terms of creating a respectable buinesss, the device will be indispensable and function as a stamp of approval.
Illustration of the drugfindr device for B2C market
Illustration of the drugfindr device for B2B market