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Using TUnnel Magneto Resistance Technology for MAgnetic POSition MeasurementTUMAPOS


Publishable project video

Video describing the TUMAPOS solution and the results achieved and benefits for the user.

Project website

Project website to describe and explain the project.

Publishable mid-term report

Report describing the project progress, achieved results

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New Approaches for Motion Control: Magnetic Encoders for Electrical Motors

Author(s): Torsten Becker
Published in: Motor Symposium, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2018, Issue Once per Year, 2018

Surprising advances in magnetic encoder performance – do not expect only better accuracy

Author(s): Torsten Becker, Torsten Materne, BOGEN Electronic GmbH, Potsdamer Str. 12-13, 14163 Berlin, Germany,, Susana Cardoso de Freitas, Ph.D, INESC Microsystems & Nanotechnologies, Rua Alves Redol, 9 -1 , 1000-029 Lisbon, Portugal,
Published in: AMA conference proceedings May 2017, Issue Once per year, 2017

Higher Design Flexibility and Better Accuracy Using Optimal Magnetic Scales

Author(s): Torsten Becker
Published in: Proceedings of the xMR-Symposium, 21st + 22nd March 2017, Wetzlar, Germany, Issue Once every two years, 2017