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Demonstration of a self-erection system for wind turbine towers

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SE-NBW (Demonstration of a self-erection system for wind turbine towers)

Période du rapport: 2015-10-01 au 2016-03-31

"""One of the main wind market trends is to increase the size of wind turbines in order to take full advantage of available wind resources and thus improve the COE. However, such increase has led to a number of limitations, both technical and economic, in the installation of towers over 120 m, which result in a bottleneck that paralyses this market trend.
Large cranes are used for the installation of all types of towers, which result in significant cost overrun in the installation of towers higher than 120 m and limiting the installation of towers higher than 140 m, thus, paralyzing the development of the sector.
In this area, NABRAWIND has developed an effective, reliable and with a competitive cost system that enables assembling any type of wind turbine tower, nacelle included, without any limitation in height and with complete independence from auxiliary cranes, thanks to a new lifting concept system based on hydraulic lifting mechanism which allows the system to operate from the ground.
The overall objective of this project is the demonstration to """"stakeholders"""" of the functionality and reliability of the final configuration of the new self-erection system for the construction of wind towers in a real operational environment with the aim to confirm that the design specifications and requirements of the application are fulfilled.""
"""A feasibility study for the commercialisation of the self-erection system for wind turbine towers SE-NBW has been carried out.

The feasibility study has been carried out in a working group formed by the consultancy and the company:
- By the consultancy BANTEC GROUP, two senior consultants.
- By the company, the members of the team have been: the General Manager, the Business Development Manager and the Technical Manager.

Five face-to-face meetings have been carried out with specific themes:
1. Feasibility study launch – October 2015 

2. Market – November 2015 

3. Business models and value proposal – January 2016 

4. Forecasts and actuation plan – February 2016 

5. Results validation – March 2016 

As a result of the feasibility study, it can be concluded that the business related to the Self Erection System for Wind Turbines commercialization is feasible. Business strategic vision has evolved and the commercialization will be carried out together with a new hybrid lattice tower concept to achieve the highest value and impact in the market. The commercialisation will be focused on the niche of low-winds and hub heights of 120 meters and over, in which the proposal of NABRAWIND has more advantages than competition.