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Achieving the BEnefits of SWIM by making smart use of Semantic Technologies


Scalability Guidelines for Semantic SWIM-based Applications (R8)

This deliverable will describe a set of guidelines on how applications using semantic technology can be applied in the ATM domain with good scalability characteristics.

Tutorial for Software Developers (R6)

This deliverable will describe how semantic technologies can be implemented in a SWIM environment. It will include lessons learned from the developments in BEST and be targeted towards software developers of ATM applications.

Project Results Final Report

"Produced in accordance with the requirements defined in ""SESAR Project Execution Guidelines for SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research"", summarising project results in a form suitable for publication."

Techniques for ontology-based data description and discovery in a decentralized SWIM knowledge base (R3)

This deliverable comprises - a method for the semantic description of data products building on ontologies from WP1 - techniques for discovering most relevant data products for a given information need.

Ontology-based techniques for data distribution and consitency management in a SWIM environment (R5)

This deliverable comprises an ontology-based language for describing data distribution, including data lineage and freshness requirements.

The Stakeholder View

Report describing the views of key stakeholders about the kind of support they expect semantic technologies could provide.

Dissemination and project promotion report

Describes all dissemination and project promotion activities that took place during the project, together with an assessment of their possible impact.

Prototype Use Case Scenarios

This deliverable is provided as a report that includes a set of use case scenarios that will guide the development of the Prototype SWIM-enabled Applications.

Ontology Modularisation Guidelines for SWIM (R7)

"This deliverable suggests a set of guidelines on how different ontology modules can be reconciled into a consistent and coherent ""network"" of ontology modules."

Governance recommendations for the use of semantic technologies in SWIM (R9)

This deliverable will describe an overall approach to governance that deals with the emergence and evolution of semantic technologies in ATM. An emphasis will be put on how ontologies can co-exist and co-evolve and how to manage their dependencies with AIRM and other relevant information exchange models and standards.

Experimental ontology modules formalising concept definition of ATM data (R2)

Ontologies for content definition in decentralized knowledge base (provides ontologies to be used for describing the content in semantic data containers / decentralized knowledge bases).

AIRM Compliance Validator (R4)

This deliverable will be provided as a prototype software application that will identify correspondences among an AIRM Ontology developed as a representation of the AIRM Information Models and the ontology modules developed in BEST.

Prototype SWIM-enabled applications (R1)

This deliverable is provided as a set of proof-ofconcept prototypes that will demonstrate the potential of the semantic-based approach used in BEST. The prototypes will implement the ontological structures developed in WP 1 and the decentralised SWIM Data and Knowledge Base from WP 2.


Poster about BEST at SID Belgrade, 2017

Author(s): BEST consortium
Published in: 2017
Publisher: SESAR

Poster about BEST at SID Delft, 2016.

Author(s): BEST Consortiium
Published in: 2016
Publisher: SID conference

Towards a value-added information layer for SWIM: The semantic container approach

Author(s): Eduard Gringinger, Christoph Schuetz, Bernd Neumayr, Michael Schrefl, Scott Wilson
Published in: 2018
Publisher: ICNS

Towards Scalability Guidelines for Semantic Container Management

Author(s): Gunnar Brataas, Christoph Schuetz, Bernd Neumayr
Published in: 2018
Publisher: ICPE

Semantics-Based Summarization of ATM Information to Manage Information Overload in Pilot Briefings

Author(s): Christoph Schuetz, Bernd Neumayr, Michael Schrefl, Scott Wilson, Eduard Gringinger
Published in: 2018
Publisher: ICAS

Ontology-based data description and discovery in a SWIM environment

Author(s): Christoph Schuetz
Published in: 2017
Publisher: IEEE

Automated Compliance Verification in ATM Using Principles from Ontology Matching

Author(s): Audun Vennesland, Joe Gorman, Christoph Schuetz, Bernd Neumayr, Scott Wilson
Published in: 2018
Publisher: KEOD

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