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Coordinated capacity ordering and trajectory pricing for better-performing ATM


Effects of increased flexibility for airspace users on network performance

In this deliverable, we incorporate recommendations received from stakeholders, airspace users in particular. Namely, we update the COCTA model, in line with refined COCTA concept of capacity and demand management. In the refined concept airlines will be able to define their preferred trajectories and the flexibility required for each flight, as well as to decide on the final trajectory. We analyse and evaluate the effects on network performance.

Choice-based joint capacity ordering and pricing model

The final deliverable relates to WP5.3 and comprises the mathematical formulation of the joint capacity ordering and trajectory pricing problem. The report will include numerical results on the performance improvements of this approach on the European airspace network.

Choice-based flexible product pricing model

First, under the choice-based setting of WP5.1, this deliverable presents all mathematical formulations modelling the trajectory pricing mechanisms. Second, this deliverable presents the findings of WP5.2 where mathematical formulations of the problem with flexible products are introduced. Technical details on the implemented algorithms are also provided. The description of the extensive computational analysis performed concludes the manuscript.

Final mechanisms

Incorporates final findings of WP3, updated data availability considerations from WP2, and updated analyses from WP4, as well as feedback from WP5. D4.2 presents final mechanism design, which will be modelled, tested and evaluated in WP5.

Communication and dissemination report and data management update report

A brief report that summarises the targeted dissemination activities. To keep the number of project deliverables within reasonable limits we propose to merge this with Data management update report (addressed in WP2).

Conference paper, 6th SIDs (estimated M8/9)

Conditional upon actual project kick-off date (expected in Q1 2016), a paper based on up-to-date research is planned to be submitted to the 6th SESAR Innovation Days (SID 2016).

ATM value-chain redesign

Redesigned ATM value-chain with established regulatory setting.

Conference paper, 7th SIDs (estimated M20/21)

A paper based on matured research findings will be presented by the Consortium members at the 7th SESAR Innovation Days (SID 2017).

Project Final Results Report

The Project Final Results Report will present the full results and conclusions of the Project, focusing on quantitative analysis of model use impacts on regional and European scale networks and qualitative analysis of applicability of the designed models in near future and further, post-SESAR future.

Prototype models and small academic examples

This deliverable presents a selection of prototype models. To demonstrate the logic behind and the likely effects of proposed mechanisms, a number of illustrative small-scale case studies are to be developed. D5.1 feeds back into WP4 (Mechanism design), informing the finalisation of development of COCTA mechanisms.

Initial mechanism design

Incorporates findings from WP2 (state of the art and preliminary data availability insights) and interim findings of WP3; introduces ‘environments’ and finally, exposes preliminary conceptual mechanism design – feeding into WP5 and D5.1 (Prototype models and small academic examples).

State of the art report

Detailed report on the state-of-the-art with straightforward research directions for ATM value-chain redesign.

Data management report

Well-structured data requirements for the initial modelling and model testing. The main report is followed by the interim update data report, if necessary. Updated data report will be a part of the update data management report (D6.3).

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Air Traffic Flow Management slot allocation to minimize propagated delay and improve airport slot adherence

Author(s): Nikola Ivanov, Fedja Netjasov, Radosav Jovanović, Stefano Starita, Arne Strauss
Published in: Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Issue 95, 2017, Page(s) 183-197, ISSN 0965-8564
DOI: 10.1016/j.tra.2016.11.010

Maximizing ATM Cost-efficiency by Flexible Provision of Airspace Capacity

Author(s): Strauss, Arne Starita, Stefano Jovanović, Radosav Ivanov, Nikola Fichert, Frank
Published in: Sixth SESAR Innovation Days, Issue 8-10 November, 2016, 2016