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Detecting and ANalysing TErrorist-related online contents and financing activities


Final report on Dissemination Activities

Report on dissemination activities during the second reporting period of the project.

DANTE recommendations for LEA: improving counter-terrorism intelligence on the web

The document will contain the recommendations for LEA to improve counter-terrorism intelligence on the web. It will also provide the roadmap of further developments.

First report on Dissemination Activities

Report on dissemination activities during the first reporting period of the project.

DANTE Website and Dissemination Pack

Report on the project Web site and the dissemination materials.

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Global Flow and Temporal-shape Descriptors for Human Action Recognition from 3D Reconstruction Data

Author(s): Papadopoulos, Georgios Th.; Daras, Petros
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Incorporation of Semantic Segmentation Information in Deep Hashing Techniques for Image Retrieval

Author(s): Gkountakos Konstantinos; Semertzidis Theodoros; Papadopoulos Georgios Th.; Daras Petros
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Speaking Truth to Computational Power: Coding Non-Discrimination by Design

Author(s): Thomas Marquenie, Erik Zouave
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Towards a Vecsigrafo: Portable Semantics in Knowledge-based Text Analytics

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You’ve been Measured, You’ve been Weighed & You’ve been Found Suspicious

Author(s): Erik Zouave, Jessica Schroers
Published in: 2018
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An Inconvenient Truth: Algorithmic Transparency & Accountability in Criminal Intelligence Profiling

Author(s): Erik Zouave, Thomas Marquenie
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Deep 3D Flow Features for Human Action Recognition

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Advanced anaytics tool for criminological research of terrorist attacks

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Video Summarization with LSTM and Deep Attention Models

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