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Critical Infrastructure Protection using Adaptive MILS


Training Materials for Electronic Delivery

The deliverable will contain the course content for each training module that will be developed ranging from introductory modules to more technically intensive modules and targeting CI technology providers, operators, and other organisations in the value chain such as certification authorities. The training materials will reflect feedback and suggested revisions by the industrial partners carrying out demonstrations.

CITADEL Configuration and Reconfiguration Synthesis

This deliverable will report on the details of the specification and implementation of the designed and developed configuration and reconfiguration synthesizers.

Methodology for Industrial Evaluation and Readiness Assessment

The Methodology for Industrial Evaluation and Readiness Assessment will provide a plan for evaluation of the Adaptive MILS technology within the context of an industrial demonstrator. It will: + Describe the concepts and framework of the evaluation + Describe the criteria for different technology readiness levels + Provide procedures for performing the evaluation and readiness assessment + Describe the metrics and means for their determination + Describe supporting artifacts that may be required for domain-specific certification activities + Provide the format for and specify the content to be provided in the Industrial Evaluation and Readiness Assessment Report

CITADEL Modeling and Specification Languages

This deliverable documents the syntax and semantics of the modeling and specification languages defined in task T3.1, in particular the user-level language to describe the system architecture, the property specification language, and the extensions to Dy-BIP and OCRA.

MILS Adaptation System

a. Change agent application and operating environment b. Sample configuration files c. Implementation of the monitoring engine

AM-ETB Tool Bus for tool integration and assurance

This deliverable will provide the documentation and implementation of AM-ETB as well as for the wrappers of the integrated verification/validation tools.

CITADEL Verification Techniques and Tools

This deliverable will report the details of the extensions and optimizations of the verification techniques and tools for dynamically reconfigurable systems.

Web Site and Dissemination Materials

Set-up of the CITADEL web site along with preparation of dissemination materials introducing the project, objectives and expected impacts for use in creating awareness of the project amongst technology providers and CI operators.

Interfaces and workflow definition for AM-ETB

This deliverable will specify the interfaces for tool integration within AM-ETB and will define the workflow language used to coordinate tool execution, claim/artifact collection, and assurance case extraction.

CITADEL Design Techniques to Specify, Verify, and Synthesize Policies for Run-Time Monitors

This deliverable will report on the detail of the specification languages and techniques for verify and synthesize policies for the CITADEL run-time monitors.

MILS Monitoring System

a. Monitoring engine seamlessly integrated with operational plane b. Set of implemented monitoring policies (algorithms) c. Set of typical configuration les for monitoring policies d. Monitoring engine configuration framework (includes policy configuration toolkit/IDE plugins and configuration analysis toolkit for validation purposes) e. Set of implemented policies (algorithms) of access control to monitoring artifacts f. Set of typical configuration files for access control to monitoring artifacts

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Certifying Proofs for LTL Model Checking

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