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Understanding matter-antimatter asymmetries in B meson decays to three particles


The search for sources of CP violation beyond the Standard Model is a high priority in contemporary particle physics. The violation of the CP symmetry is one of the necessary conditions to generate an asymmetry between matter and antimatter, as is observed in the Universe. The LHCb experiment has observed very large CP asymmetries in decays of B mesons to final states containing three charged particles. It is not yet clear whether these effects can be explained within the context of the Standard Model, or whether new dynamics are required. This proposal aims to address this challenge by bringing together the relevant experience and expertise of the researcher and the host institute. The decays of interest will be studied using the Dalitz plot analysis technique, which will allow to establish the dynamics causing the CP violation. The project requires the development and use of several novel approaches to the description of the decay amplitude, and will lead to significance advances in knowledge.


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