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Hybrid Co-based nanorods for biosensing and catalysis


Multifunctional nanostructured hybrids comprising a magnetic component can respond to the growing demands of a large variety of applications, including but not limited to biotechnology (health issues) and catalysis (energy efficiency processes), identified as relevant for the H2020 EU Research and Innovation programe. HyCoRod is a basic research project, aiming at tailoring the physical and chemical properties of metallic ferromagnetic cobalt nanorods (NRs) by combining them with two different metals, each combination targeting a different application domain: (i) cobalt-gold core-shell for in vitro biosensing (by testing a new patented highly-sensitive biosensor) and fundamental magneto-optical studies and (ii) cobalt-iron/iron carbide dumbbells as well as core-shell NRs for the novel concept of magnetically induced catalysis (Fisher-Tropsch synthesis). The multifaceted planned research spans from nanoparticle chemical synthesis within the host group (K.Soulantika-LPCNO France), to aqueous transfer and biofunctionalization of nanostructures (1st secondment, W.Parak-CICbiomaGUNE Spain), and biosensing concepts and measurements (2nd secondment, J.Schotter-AIT Austria) and on catalysis and magnetically induced heating properties assessment (B.Chaudret LPCNO), issues in which so far the applicant has no experience. Moreover, the candidate contributes to the bidirectional host-applicant transfer knowledge by providing recognized researchers (P.Vavassori-CICnanoGUNE Spain) in the field of magneto-optical properties, for which the host group is barely familiarized. Overall, the project offers the possibility to the applicant to become not only a more experienced researcher in the field of nanoscale materials but also to gain a prestigious network of collaborations, thus reinforcing her possibilities to achieve a professional scientific position.


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