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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Robust Quantum Computation with Geometric Phases


Quantum information processing is an emerging research area where the quantum mechanical nature of physical systems is explored to improve the transmission and processing of information. In the case of quantum computation, specific algorithms use super-positions of quantum states that code information to achieve exponential speedup compared to conventional computers.

The execution of such quantum algorithms in an actual implementation uses unitary transformations referred to as quantum gates to drive the system through the individual steps of the quantum algorithm. In the proposed project, we plan to design and implement such gates on the basis of geometric quantum phases. For this purpose, time-dependent control fields are applied to the system in such a way that it undergoes a closed circuit that brings it back to the initial state, up to a phase factor that depends on the geometry of the circuit. If the circuit is designed properly, this phase factor implements a quantum gate operation. It has been shown that the phase factors resulting from such circuits are immune to certain local fluctuations that may negatively affect the precision of conventional gate operations.

Within this project, we plan to use this approach to design gates for one- and two-qubit operations and optimise them with respect to three main criteria: speed, robustness, and performance in the presence of noise. Experimental assessments of the performance of these gates will be carried out by NMR in liquids, which represents the most advance d implementation of a quantum information processor available today; results should be applicable to other implementations. The main benefit of this project will be an improved performance of quantum computers and a step towards reliable quantum information processing. The project should also establish a basis for future co-operations between European and Chinese research groups working in this rapidly evolving field.

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