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Development of non-antibiotic therapy for the treatment of bovine mastitis

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - PanaMast (Development of non-antibiotic therapy for the treatment of bovine mastitis)

Reporting period: 2015-12-01 to 2016-04-30

Westway Health have developed LARS, a novel innovative non-antibiotic antimicrobial technology. This technology has applications in a wide number of fields – animal health, human health and environmental sterilisation. The lead product in development by Westway Health, is PanaMastTM LC, an innovative product for the treatment and cure of bovine mastitis. Mastitis is the major problem in the dairy industry, causing losses of approximately €2Bn per annum in the EU. Current treatments use antibiotics. Due to lack of efficacy, the emergence of antibiotic resistance, and regulatory and societal pressures on the agricultural sector to reduce use of antibiotics, current antibiotic treatments are not ideal.
PanaMastTM LC aims to overcome these issues, becoming the world’s first zero withdrawal mastitis product, allowing farmers to effectively treat mastitis without any antimicrobial resistance being observed to the treatment, while also allowing milk to be sold both during and immediately following treatment.
The Phase I project was funded to allow Westway Health to explore a number of business goals, namely:
1. Development of a regulatory roadmap to determine path to market from current stage of development
2. Development of a robust business plan for the exploitation of PanaMastTM LC in the EU and global markets
3. Establishment of key strategic relationships to assist commercialisation and success of PanaMastTM LC
The Phase I project allowed Westway Health to achieve all its goals. A regulatory pathway has been put in place with a specialist animal health regulatory advisor, with prior experience of guiding intramammary mastitis products to the market. This process has identified the major technical steps to be completed in the development of the product, and identified remaining areas of product development (manufacturing etc.). Based upon this, a business plan has been drawn up to allow Westway Health to complete development and launch the PanaMastTM LC product on to the market. Additionally, strategic relationships in several sectors of product development have been built up, and will be utilised in the onward development of PanaMastTM LC.
The Phase I project has allowed for an in-depth analysis of the political and socio-economic impact of the project, in particular the pressures currently existing regarding the use of antibiotics and the emergence of antibiotic resistant 'superbugs'.

The PanaMastTM LC product in development, shall allow for a new paradigm of mastitis treatment i.e. an effective non-antibiotic treatment, capable of killing all bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria, while preventing bacteria from gaining a resistance to the treatment. This can help to revolutionise animal health treatments, relieving pressures on antibiotics for human use.