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Big Picnic:Big Questions - engaging the public with Responsible Research and Innovation on Food Security


Toolkit on how to run science cafés

Production of toolkit on how to run science cafes based on partners' experience

Blueprint of toolkit for co-creation

Toolkit comprising range of techniques for developing and managing co-creation projects and activities

Draft partner strategies for co-creation

Each partner will develop their strategy to recruit audiences in their country to run co-creation sessions with the aim to develop an outreach exhibition. This will ensure local input, relevance and appropriate outcomes.

Festival proceedings

A final ‘Festival’ of partners and relevant stakeholders will be prepared and held in month 34 to showcase the methodologies, activities, exhibition design and content each partner has put into the BigPicnic project and the impact this has had on the target audiences. The Festival's activities and outcomes will be included in the Festival proceedings

Toolkit on co-creation process

Partners will report back on their co-creation process, the integration of the RRI process within this and the development and delivery of the Science cafés so that learning can be captured and reflected on. This learning and process evaluation will be fed into the co-creation toolkit.

Publication on public views and recommendations for RRI on food security

WILABONN will co-ordinate the Consolidation Group in analysing the cross consortium data on public views about Food Security and RRI. Building on the approach within the ‘Voices’ project, the Consolidation Group will produce a final report e.g. ‘Public Views; RRI and Food Security’ which will be disseminated to the EU and all relevant policy makers and stakeholders.

Practitioners manual

The evaluator practitioners’ manual will include guidelines on how to structure and run reflective practice while implementing the BigPicnic events. It will be based on the TBI inquiry cycle: investigate, reflect, and improve.

Two case studies per partner documenting public engagement with exhibitions, including exemplars of images and activities

Evidence of the engagement of the public with the outreach exhibitions will be collected and each partner will present these in two exemplar case studies.

Quality Management plan

An initial proposal/plan will be developed by the Quality Management Team (QMT) and will be discussed at the ‘kick-off’ meeting. A further version will be co-developed in the first 6 months of the project and be discussed at meetings, (e.g. consortium meetings, regional co-development team meetings). The QMT will focus on supporting partners and co-creation team members with their project process and outcome evaluations and also on the actual evaluation of the process and outcomes of the project itself. An updated version incorporating partner feedback will be circulated for consultation among partners and partners will agree on the detailed Quality Management Plan (QMP).

Future plans for public engagement on RRI issues in partner organisations

The MB will coordinate a 5th partner meeting (month 34) which will follow the final project festival. The meeting will discuss future plans for public engagement for each partner and the learning process/organisational change that has taken place.

Final dissemination report

Partners dissemination activities throughout the project will be collated in a final report

Final external evaluation report

The Final external evaluation report will include the evaluator's findings regarding the overall success of the project.

Partner evaluation reports on science café implementation

Partners will collect, collate and analyse findings / recommendations for the final reports to policy makers, relevant organisations, events and festivals using evaluation techniques they have been trained in during partner meetings and in accordance with the Quality Management Plan. Each partner will produce an evaluation on science cafe implementation.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Partners will carry out stakeholder mapping and network analysis to identify key players in food security and devise a strategy for engaging them. To influence competitiveness and growth in the sector. This information will be included in deliverable 1.1

Final Ethical Considerations

The MB will publish the ‘Ethical Considerations’ relating to aspects as listed in the description of WP9

Quality Management report

The QMT will produce a QM report, detailing the effectiveness of the project, an evaluation of the project process and outcomes.

Interim external evaluation report

The MB will be responsible for recruiting the external evaluation officer and facilitating the production of the external evaluation report. An interim external evaluation report will be compiled to allow improving the project whilst running.

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