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Multipurpose Cloud-Based Control Platform High Performance LED Lighting Solution for Smart Cities

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - LEDILSol (Multipurpose Cloud-Based Control PlatformHigh Performance LED Lighting Solution for Smart Cities)

Reporting period: 2015-12-01 to 2016-03-31

LEDilSol project is focused in the optimisation and redesign of a new generation of LED devices that have been designed in close collaboration with street lighting administrators, and thus, are focused on the real demand of the municipal system administrators for an integrated solution to improve efficiency and savings in order to reduce waste as much as possible without increasing the purchase and operational cost and most importantly not compromising citizens’ experience and safety.
Thus, LeDilSol project aims to a disruptive cloud-based lighting technology which will generate a cumulative net benefit of 5.6Mio€ for Rebernig by 2022, creating around 15 new direct jobs by 2020 and be a key enabler for the Smart Cities of tomorrow. LeDilSol’s patented design offers a more efficient (10% in a like for like comparison and up to 70% globally), lower cost to produce, install and operate (30%, 40% and 60% less respectively) and more durable lighting solution than comparable technologies due to better heat dissipation and electronic control. Further it offers the option of being a communication hub for utilities’ smart devices. Our business idea is not to only bring LED to the streets but offer a smart and efficient control system to path the way towards more efficient cities and a power grid that improves the quality of life of citizens always targeting to achieve customer’s loyalty through our management services.
An important step in product evolution to market readiness is the evaluation of technical, commercial and financial viability. Thanks to the award of a Phase 1 grant within H2020 SME Instrument, it has been possible to carry out this study and gain further insight in the technical details and cost estimates required to introduce the solution in the competitive LED international market, concluding that the consortium should continue with the development of LEDILSOL proposal.
For these purpose and according to the work plan set in phase 1 we studied from a technical point of view the improvements required to enhance Rebernig’s product competitiveness in market and we set the scope of work establishing the necessary tasks to optimize the product and the timeline to develop them.
From the commercial point of view we made an in-depth market study to evaluate market targets and how to reach them, assessed the freedom to operate of our invention as well as the IP protection options for the products outcoming from the project and discussed about the main partners and stakeholders to develop our commercial strategy and reach successful commercialization. We have contacted with main players in Italy where the product will be launched and have obtained several letters of interest supporting the development of a phase 2 project.
We also identified technical and commercial risks to overcome and from a financial point of view developed a business model based in the sales of Rebernig products but also in Rebernig’s services targeted to maximize the energy saving potential of the products and make a simulation of the future business scenario.
As a result of being granted with this phase 1 project there has been several collaborations with local government in Italy, such as the Municipalities of Girasole and Montechiarugolo, and the cities of Correggio, and Dovadola. In fact, the Municipality of Girasole (Sardegna), which has already field-tested our lighting solution asked for the installation of 300 more energy efficient LED streetlights with dimming capabilities and controls as well as the cloud based management interface.
Thus, we have confirmed the high interest of our product. A further phase 2 will be targeted to:
✓ Improve the LED control board by introducing a new architecture based on a system-on-chip concept.
✓ Re-design LED luminaire in order to accommodate control board changes and reduce production costs by 30% and assembly time by 45%.
✓ Improve the multipurpose central management cloud platform unit Quark Supervision Platform (‘QSP’) by integrating new web technologies, improving the current interface module, optimising the installation procedure of QSP cloud version, integrating the chart engine with a business intelligence module, optimising the smart software sensor interface targeting to an all-in-one solution to provide management services to customers.
✓ Field-demonstrate the technical and commercial competitiveness of Rebernig products and services
✓ Strengthening commercial agreements and distribution paths across Europe