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Cost-effective aluminium die casting for automotive industry

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - FC21S (Cost-effective aluminium die casting for automotive industry)

Reporting period: 2015-12-01 to 2016-03-31

Structural aluminium is increasingly used in the automotive industry as a way to reduce weight of vehicles and thus emissions, due to its low density and good mechanical performance. However, traditional die casting procedures for structural aluminium require high consumptions of energy and water pollutant mould-release agents, which generate porosity reducing structural resistance of the parts.
Our aim is to commercialize an innovative spraying system for die casting of Al and uniquely engineered parts. This will have a significant impact for customers worldwide who will benefit from buying our aluminium die-casted parts with enhanced mechanical performance at a competitive price, and from significant energy savings and environmental pollution reduction thanks to the outstanding performance of our process.
"The past 4 months we have developed a thorough Feasibility study to guarantee the techno-economic viability of our project. Here we present the main areas of focus and the results obtained:
Technical viability plan: we analysed all technical aspects to be developed/demonstrated for the full deployment of #FC21S. We defined operational parameters, certifications and labelings to achieve, and prepared a detailed work plan for Phase 2, assessing all potential risks
Commercial plan and FOA: we developed a detailed market analysis, verifying that our target markets show potential for growth: the global market for automobile parts aluminium die casting is expected to reach $6.64 billion by 2020. This and the legislative context (regarding regulation of CO2 emissions) are expected to favor the deployment of #FC21S. We prepared a detailed commercialization and dissemination strategy, and performed an in-depth FOA, which guaranteed that #FC21S is freely exploitable.
Financial plan: We reviewed all forecasts, establishing precisely calculated production costs and pricings. #FC21S will enable us to achieve revenues of €4.62 million in 2023.
"#FC21S will represent a disruptive innovation for the aluminium die-casting industry, as our innovative release agent and nebulization system will help reduce its environmental impact. Our aluminium parts will represent a cost-effective solution for the automotive industry to reduce the weight of vehicles without compromising mechanical performance. Moreover, #FC21S will contribute to boost the growth of our companies, both in economic and personnel terms."