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Innovative EASA certified dynamic test method for 16g aircraft seat cushions


Web site

A completely new version of TAS web site with a more efficient and modern structure which allows the web site to be found easier within search engines - SEO and SEM marketing activities involved. Updated contents especially regarding new cushions products.

EASA approval

Based on delverable 3.2 results EASA will approve the method

Quality Plan and Risk assessment

Document describing the quality Assurance procedures implemented during the project: - QA of subcontractors' work and results - QA of test samples production - Safety procedures to be implemented throughout the project - Verification (decision gates) of providers and subcontractors - Monitoring of project progress - QA of documentation etc.

Communication materials

New brochure including cushions pictures installed on our clients aircrafts; Videos of tests carried out and production procedures and pictures for web site, events and specialized magazines

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