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Smart integrated digital contents and educational platform


Applix Education specialized in digital publishing services for education aims to launch Bsmart-pro, which aspires to be a disruptive integrated digital contents and educational platform for the global community of students, teachers, schools and publishers. It enhances the teaching & learning process thanks to integrated tools which allow customizing, creating and sharing contents in its virtual school environment. It creates a new virtual market place in which publishers of e-learning contents will reach to boost sales of digital educational materials. Trend of the educational process is shifting towards a higher degree of personalization and proactivity by the student, which is encouraged to use the virtual tools available to access a variety of digital contents to enhance his/her own learning process which is guided and tutored by the teacher. Publishers and educational material providers have identified the previous as a new challenge, and have created digital educational contents that can be accessed by the student via internet. Bsmart-pro integrates both business approaches, creating a cloud based multifunctional multi-user educational platform that will allow publishers to increase sales; students and teachers to access multimedia content interacting which each other in an e-learning process that offers multiple opportunities to boost personalization, flexibility, socialization and game-like learning; and last but not least, schools heads to improve the efficiency and competitive edge of their schools. To date, a basic version of Bsmart is operating in Italy with over 126.000 users as of Sept, 2015. We have now to integrate new functional modules and prepare scaled-up demonstrations across European countries. We aim to execute technical feasibity tasks as well as perform a deep Market Study, preparing our Commercial Strategy, establishing an IP protection strategy for the BSmart core algorithms, all to be considered in Bsmart-pro Business Plan.

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Net EU contribution
€ 50 000,00
Via Montorfano 98
20831 Seregno

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Nord-Ovest Lombardia Monza e della Brianza
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 21 429,00