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Frama is seeking phase 1 funding in order to assess the commercial feasibility of ClearSalmonLice - a new sustainable solution to combat the dreaded Sealice and Salmon lice.
ClearSalmonLice is aiming to offer a sustainable, cost-efficient and highly scalable solution to meet producers' demand for combatting lice in aquaculture production of Atlantic salmon. At present, producers lose 9 per cent every year to lice, equivalent to an annual loss of € 400 mill. At the same time, producers spend more than € 300 mill. to combat sea and salmon lice by using chemical and biological remedies with very severe consequences for nature in coastal zones, especially shell fish such as lobster and shrimps.
Frama provides a natural solution without use of chemical and biological remedies. By utilising physical features of mass and density the salmon is guided through a low cost floating device containing fresh water in which lice cannot live. A patent application of our prototype has already been filed.
The feasibility study is intended to assess the commercial viability and marketability of the prototype system. In particular, client feedback to optimize the solution and establish key operational parameters, verifying the appropriate business model and searching potential partners. If the study is positive, a Phase 2 application will be considered to take the project into scale.

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Net EU contribution
€ 50 000,00
Kraargota 47
700 Klaksvig
Faeroe Islands

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 21 429,00