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INdAM Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and/or applications cofunded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - INdAM-DP-COFUND-2015 (INdAM Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and/or applications cofunded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2019-01-31

The main feature of the Programme is to create a large network, coordinated by INdAM, of 20 Academic partner organisations (Universities) with their 21 PhD Schools, and 31 non-academic organisations, especially industries and enterprises, in order to build a multicultural and stimulating environment where excellence, interdisciplinarity, international and intersectoral exposure can offer to the fellows top-level training, research and working conditions.

The network comprises around one half of the Italian PhD Schools covering Mathematics or Computer Science, and a large number of enterprises and industries. The features of the programme match all the objectives of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for their recruitment, in terms of Research Freedom, Non-discrimination and gender balance, Career development, value of mobility, Access to research training and continuous development, recruitment (Transparency, judging merit, Variations in the chronological order of CVs, Recognition of mobility experience, Recognition of qualifications).

INdAM-DP-COFUND-2015 introduces an important innovation in Italian procedures for recruiting early stage researchers, namely a system to select PhD students based on transparent and well-defined procedures, on evaluation procedures involving peer-review and international experts, including the non- academical sector.
The programme complies also with the Principles of Innovative Doctoral Training:

-Research Excellence, offering to the fellows a large choice of PhD schools and excellent research teams in all domains of mathematics and its applications; each partner organization hosts an INdAM research unit which will contribute to the success of each fellow's program.
-Attractive Institutional Environment, offering fellows constant interaction and support with INdAM's national and international scientific structures with the possibility of interacting with other partner organizations and prestigious foreign organizations;
-Interdisciplinary Research Options; the programme is open to every aspect of current research including the most applied and interdisciplinary aspects of Mathematics. In addition to Mathematics and/or its applications, Computer Science is available in 7 schools, Statistics in 2 schools, Physics in 1 schools, Life Sciences in 1 school, Mathematical models in 1 schools, Mathematical models in Engineering in 1 school. Moreover, each Ph.D. school mandates disciplinary and interdisciplinary training activities, as well as linguistic and IT.
-International networking. Provided by several elements, namely: the existing international networks of INdAM and of the partner Universities; the contacts with visiting professors, both at INdAM and at Research Groups; the participation to International INdAM Conferences and INdAM Workshops, international collaborations with foreign top-level universities and institutes; etc.
-Transferrable skills training, Provided by collateral training and secondment periods at the partner organisations and at the enterprises and industries involved in the Programme.
-Quality assurance. Transparent procedures for the selection and the award of fellowships, including appropriate redress procedures. Quality assurance for the PhD schools themselves, including procedures for any intermediate milestones, and for awarding the final title, as implemented in each partner school, are checked by ANVUR (the Italian Committee for Evaluation of Research).
-Working conditions Fellows are recruited under a contract “Assegno di ricerca”, which includes social security coverage and social benefits (contribution to pension funds, health and accident insurance, maternity/parental benefits, including paid parental leave). Moreover INdAM will pay a mobility allowance, a travel allowance and a research cost contribution for the fellow.
The programme consists of two calls. The duration of the programme is 60 months. The total number of fellowships: 20. The total number of fellow-month: 720.
In the first 24 months of the program the two calls, each of them awarding 10 fellowships were carried out. All 20 fellowship were awarded and fellows are carrying out their Ph.D. studies in the chosen institution.

The project is composed of 2 separate calls. The life cycle of each call is divided in five phases:

Phase 1. Call and website are prepared and published
Phase 2. Applications are submitted
Phase 3. Applications are evaluated
Phase 4. Fellowships are awarded
Phase 5. Ph. D. studies are carried out

At month 24 the situation is as follows:
Call 1 phase 5
Call 2 phase 5

During the first two years the timeframe outlined in the proposal and the grant agreement was followed very closely. The fellow selected in the first call, were able to start their appointment on November 1st , 2017 as planned. Also for the second call the timeframe was respected and all fellows started by November 1st , 2018.

On top of the normal research activities offered in the host institutions
INdAM has offered to the fellows a large choice of Meetings, seminars, courses, schools, intensive periods either directly organized by the Institute or by other Institutions under special agreements.

Participation to some of these events, especially the ""Giornata INdAM"" , has been directly supported by
INdAM on its own budget (The ""Giornata INdAM"" takes place every year in a different Italian university, with the purpose of illustrating recent advances in mathematics to a general mathematical audience; the event consists of one-hour talks, each given by a leading mathematician).

A training day for fellows was held on June 4th 2018 on the premises of INdAM in Rome, all fellows were invited and their expenses paid by INdAM.

The programme, while aiming to the training of the next generation of mathematical researchers, intends to to achieve synergy between mathematics and its applications, develop transformative mathematical research through interdisciplinary exploration, strengthen and broaden the workforce that confronts pressing challenges facing science and society, and effectively communicate the role of mathematics in our world.
Besides the traditional ways to disseminate the results of mathematical research, at the end of the Programme it will be given the opportunity to the fellows that participated to present their work in Conferences and meetings suitably addressed for content and presentation style to the general public of a wide range of high tech employers, journalists, science organisations and lobby groups.
Regarding the dissemination of the scientific is planning the following activities:
to organise, at the end of each fellowship period, an official seminar at the premises of the chosen partner institution, and an official seminar at INdAM premises, about the scientific results obtained by the fellows; to assist fellows in drafting their scientific papers and in searching appropriate Journals and publishers.

The scientific production of the fellows will be hosted in a special section on the INdAM website and of the INdAM National Research Groups. It will display the production of the fellow at the end of the fellowship (papers, seminars, scientific reports, scientific software, patents, copyrights...). The fellow page will be hosted in the website for at least four years after the end of the fellowship, and will be periodically kept up-to-date.