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Peer Learning for Innovation Management in SMEs


DOP (Design Option Paper)

Initially the Content of the DOP (deliverable of the project) will be: 1. Introduction of the services to be renovated or created. 2. Background 3. Describe the topic a. Vision, rationale and goals b. The role of the lead body 4. The service delivery system a. Target groups: Public bodies and Innovative companies b. Framework conditions and organisations i. Creating support and interest in the innovation system ii. Considering existing initiatives iii. Creating co-operation with other stakeholders iv. Ensuring compliance with the lead body’s legal framework v. Performing a risk analysis 5. Design process a. Activation stage: Marketing and communication plan b. Identification stage i. Identifying needs ii. Formulating a challenge c. How to improve the innovation management support guide d. Commercialisation stage e. Follow-up stage 6. Recommendations: In order to finally deliver recommendations for the implementation to any other Agency willing to implement the same service, even if it didn't participate in the project.

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