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Radial cOmpresSor Surge INception Investigation


Publishable Report on Project technical results

This is a summary report illustrating the results obtained by the project: focus is on progress beyond state of the art and or state of the practice.

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Time-resolved flow field investigation in an industrial centrifugal compressor application involving TR-PIV synchronized with unsteady pressure measurements

Author(s): J. Klinner, M. Voges, M. Schroll, A. Bassetti, C. Willert
Published in: International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry – ISPIV 2021, 14th ISPIV, Aug. 1-4 2021, 2021
Publisher: ISPIV Commitee
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5599508

Numerical Analysis of a Centrifugal Compressor Including a Vaneless Diffuser and a Volute

Author(s): Jonas ROSEMEIER
Published in: ODAS 2017, 17th ONERA-DLR Aerospace Symposium, 7 - 9 June 2017, 2017
Publisher: DLR

The Challenge of Time-Resolved Flow Investigation of a One-Stage Centrifugal Compressor with a Non-Symmetric Volute

Author(s): Voges, Melanie; Klinner, Joachim; Willert, Christian; Bassetti, Alessandro; Reutter, Oliver; van Rooij, Michel
Published in: European Turbomachinery Conference, ETC14, April 12-16 2021, 2021
Publisher: ETC Commitee
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4911546

Numerische Analyse eines Radialverdichters mit Spiralgehäuse und unbeschaufeltem Diffusor

Author(s): Jonas ROSEMEIER
Published in: Master Thesis (DLR-IB-AT-KP-2017-71), 2017, Page(s) all
Publisher: DLR