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Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes.

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - MUTR (Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes.)

Reporting period: 2019-09-01 to 2020-06-30

The objective of the MUTR project (Multipurpose test rig for transmission gearboxes) is to design, manufacture, test and support the adaptation of the test rig used for development of the Drive System for Compound Rotorcraft Demonstrator in the frame of IADP Fast Rotorcraft of the Clean Sky 2 program.
VZLU is developing interconnection of the lateral rotor gearboxes via vertical transmission shafting, supported on two or three auxiliary bearing housings, in order to lock the two gearboxes together. The transmission shafting is connected to the lateral gearboxes by means of bevel gearings. Between flanges of the transmission shafting is inserted special hydraulic torque loader which make it possible to impose static or variable torque on gearboxes during operation/rotation according to a test program. The imposed torque is proportional to the pressure of the feed-in oil supplied to the device via quill shaft. Due to the back-to-back or face-to-face architecture, the required power input covers just losses in the gears and transmission shafting. The research work and analyses during the first project period showed greater complexity of the planned testing device than was originally planned.
VZLU (Czech Aerospace Research Centre) has experience in designing of test benches for aircraft gas turbine engines (historically M601, M602) and its components like 2 stage 2 shafts radial flow compressor. Among recent project as a reference work we can mention following: design of the test rigs for endurance testing of gearboxes for turboprop aircraft engines (Arrius 1D, TP100, TS100), test benches for turboprop engine with propeller mounted, development of different technology for turboprop engine test cells, experimental system for testing of gas turbine combustor segments under elevated temperatures and pressures. Working team is experienced and equipped with modern CAD technology, CFD and FEM solvers, and has cooperation experience with aircraft gearbox manufacturers (e.g. PBS Velka Bites, GE Aviation Czech).
Due to the repeated changes of the technical specification by the Topic Manager (AH) the work carried out in the first reporting period covered only WP1 (M0-M9) activities oriented on the preliminary design of the test rig adaptation system for Airbus Helicopter gearbox testing rig. WP2 (M9-M17) consisting of manufacturing, assembly and inspection of the developed adaption module was not reached. The same holds for Task 3.1 of WP3 representing the delivery and adaptation of the module on the test rig . The Contract Amendment procedure was opened to implement a new time schedule and DoA.
Societal challenges: mobility & safer society
Gate-to-gate passenger transport
Rescue & Emergency Evacuation
Environmental objectives
Noise level reduction and smaller overall acoustic footprint
Reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emission per kilometre
Technical performance goals and improvement
Competitiveness & industrial leadership objectives
Novel compound rotorcraft configuration