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Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CALBATT - ASSET (Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation)

Reporting period: 2016-02-01 to 2016-05-31

Existing Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are generally affected by remarkable energy losses, caused by a non-optimal management of energy flows when performing battery charging/discharging processes. Traditional energy storage management strategies are based on a “blind” approach which completely neglects the optimization of both the efficiency and the life of the ESS. To solve this problem, we have developed a patented and internationally awarded technology called NomoStor, for the dynamic analysis and optimization of the performance of ESS, capable of increasing the energy efficiency by up to 15% and the battery life by 20%-30%for both stationary storage (including renewable integration, industrial and grid-scale applications) and electric mobility applications (including recharge of electric cars and forklifts for intra-logistics)
Market survey was carried out with 7 potential customers in different market segments; feedbacks were collected and countermeasures were defined to improve the market acceptance of NomoStor. The product development strategy to reach different market segments was defined, considering a development path towards a HW dematerialization of the solution. The market analysis was revised, and pricing defined for each segment; company growth plan and commercialization strategy was defined. The economic and financial plan was defined.
NomoStor is the only decision support tool on the market capable of synthetizing complex information coming from real-time battery parameter measurements, into easy-to-use information to select dynamically battery current and voltage, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency, minimum battery overheating, and then maximum storage profitability. The analysis of 2 business cases evidenced that the use of NomoStor can: increase the profitability of ESS coupled to PV plants by up to 14%; lead to a 32% and 21% costs reduction, compared respectively to traditional 50 Hz technology and common HF chargers for electric forklifts used in intralogistics.Nomostor technology provides an opportunity to EU cleantech industry for enhancing its global competitiveness.