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Mass-customization of implants: the business model


The key objectives of the innovation project are:
1. Develop software systems for the technology platform managing and control to enable transition from the singular CMI & PSI production to their mass customization to make design, production and validation processes much more efficient in terms of production costs and lead terms.
2. Develop a technology platform for the cardinal new implant supply chain, based on direct communication between surgeons and personalized implant manufacturers. It includes development of instrumental 3D software tools supporting participation of surgeons in product configuration workflow, design and validation processes and software systems for all the processes management and control.
Specific objectives for the feasibility study are:
1. Analysis of technological viability of mass customization of medical implants business model concept;
2. Analysis of economic viability of the business model concept;
3. Freedom to operate analysis;
4. Market and competition environment analysis;
5. Analysis of the product supply and distribution systems (include hidden interests analysis);
6. Preparation of the elaborated business plan.

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