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Next generation breast and colorectal cancer screening through simple and accurate blood testing.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TBIA (Next generation breast and colorectal cancer screening through simple and accurate blood testing.)

Reporting period: 2016-02-01 to 2016-05-31

During the Phase 1 project Todos Medical undertook a full feasibility study of the TBIA solution and the strategy required for its successful commercialisation. The focus of the study was to develop a comprehensive business plan and a deep-dive assessment of their technology, the TBIA cancer screening test. The results of this assessment fed into the definition of the marketing strategy, and the decision to move forward to access Phase 2 funding, in order to carry out the final clinical trials required to prove the advantages of TBIA over the current golden standards in cancer diagnostics.
- Definition of a commercially viable product
- Planning of the product development
- Design of the clinical protocol synopsis
- Review and update of business model and supply chain
- Dicussions with key stakeholders
- Risk analysis
- Development of the IP strategy
- Market analysis
- Competitors analysis
- SWOT analysis
- Review of the commercialization plan
The TBIA screening test is a highly accurate method to detect breast and colorectal cancer at a very early stage. Through the spectroscopic analysis of a simple blood sample, the TBIA tecnique observes the body’s own immune system response to tumour presence. Being able to observe such early biochemistry changes in the blood sample, the TBIA method detects cancer at stage 0 with great sensitivity (>90%) and specificity (>80%), resulting about 15% more accurate than screening methods currently in practice, such as mammography and colonoscopy. Further, the TBIA test is extremely cost-effective, costing about €100 per test to the end user – 4 times cheaper to perform than a mammography and approximately 8 times cheaper than a colonoscopy. The test does not require the same high level of infrastructure as mammography or colonosocpy, and can be easily performed everywhere by a nurse, without the supervision of highly skilled technicians. The TBIA score, the result of the test, is electronically mailed to the lab or physician, and is very easy to interpret. This makes TBIA the most suitable screening test where the high MU and personelle costs limit the availability of extensive cancer screening programmes.
The TBIA process