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Modular Intelligent hyDRAULICS

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MIDRAULICS (Modular Intelligent hyDRAULICS)

Reporting period: 2016-02-01 to 2016-05-31

"Since our establishment in 2003, Hydronit has been developing its activity, producing high quality energy efficient components for powering hydraulics. Unlike our largest international competitors, which have multiple businesses in different power transmission sectors, our core business is fully committed and focused on the research, development and production of modular hydraulic power packs and relevant components for the mobile industry, for which we strive for excellence. HYDRONIT has made significant achievements since its creation and we are recognized today as one of the most innovative players in the sector, continuously investing in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) actions through different collaborations with the most prestigious research centres in Italy, and operating in 50+ countries with daughter companies located in China, UK and in the US. Our passion for hydraulics power and our commitment with our customers let us reach €4 million turnover in 2015, 60% of which coming from exports.

In order to deliver complete solutions to the customers, companies such as ours need electric/electronics knowledge to be added on top of hydraulics knowledge to produce the final hydraulic equipment. These complementary know-hows are not usually found together in our sector, but it is exactly our core know-how and the heart of this business opportunity: Hydronit has always pursued a full new concept of hydraulics that joins modularization and integration of all necessary pieces of knowledge, removing the need to resort to multiple subcontracts to produce the final equipment. Following this philosophy, we have been developing MIDRAULICS, a programmable intelligent mini and micro power pack for the mobile industry (e.g. industrial, construction and agricultural vehicles and equipment).
MIDRAULICS will provide to our customers:
1. Full control & distribution of hydraulics (100% compared to conventional systems with no integrated control).
2. Total safety thanks to a better control of the solution components and power.
3. Huge energy saving, as a results of the following factors: 86% less material for wiring; 10 % electric power savings in ""on-off"" applications thanks to “start stop features""; 30% electric power savings in ""variable speed applications"" through use of Inverters and AC motors;
4. Environmental friendliness, thanks to Metal reduction (no need for sensor housing) and Cable reduction (through use of wireless communications).
This feasibility study, conducted from February 2016 to May 2016 (4 months), has been carried out in order to validate our approach to market as well as our technology, a preliminary version of which has been presented in the most relevant EU trade-fair, BAUMA-2016 with excellent response from our clients.

We also have carried out a complete freedom to operate study where we did not find any obstacle to commercialise our technology. Moreover, we have filed a patent covering our disruptive innovation.

We have fully defined the technical specifications, prototype testing, financial forecasting of various scenarios (worst- and realistic-cases), carried out a thorough risk analysis, and planning through full-scale production.
MIDRAULICS is the starting point for us before boosting our growth by creating a new mechatronics division in charge of deploying a complete portfolio of safety-driven modular and intelligent solutions for the mobile industry, integrating hydraulics and control feedback electronics for all industrial vehicles that need to exert any kind of systematic lifting.

Thanks to MIDRAULICS, we expect to lead the worldwide market of smart power units.
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