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Retinal Imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - RETINAL (Retinal Imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases)

Reporting period: 2016-04-01 to 2016-09-30

RETINAL is a non-invasive and cost-effective tool for the automatic evaluation of “retinal imaging biomarkers” associated to chronic diseases. RETINAL is a comprehensive solution for ophthalmic imaging composed of a simple, reliable and cost-effective 2D color fundus image capture device and a specific software platform associated to the device. Over this framework the system can run disease specific modules for a number of specific clinical applications. The currently developed and available specific modules are the AVR module, for the quantification of the arteriolar-to-venular ratio (AVR) of the retina, and the DR module, for the detection of diabetic retinopathy (DR). The objectives of this action is to assess the economic feasibility of the RETINAL project in order to generate new business activity in the field of health.
During SME Instrument Phase I, a complete feasibility study of the project has been conducted. Regarding the AVR module, although it has been successfully validated and it has a great potential to detect some important chronical diseases, more scientific evidence is needed yet, before its introduction into the market. The RD module has also been validated, and our market research has confirmed the great interest of Health Authorities and RD Screening Program Managers in introducing software for automated detection of RD in current screening programs. RETINAL solution also offers a low-cost fundus camera, specifically designed for capturing retinal images, which has been tecnically validated. We have deeply analyze current approaches to RD screening in the reference markets, and the characteristics of the available fundus cameras and automated software for the detection of DR worldwide, as well as the regulations that affect the commercialization of RETINAL solution. There is a clear opportunity for RETINAL introduction into the market and the feasibility study has confirmed the viability of this new business of UES.
"""Our proposal is an alternative to improve the performance for RD detection for patients with diabetes in countries throughout the world. The main novelty of the RETINAL business project relies on being the unique DR diagnostic system combining a hardware and software solution available on the market. The purpose of the RETINAL system is to screen for detection of RD in primary health centres by providing a comprehensive solution that includes:
• A low cost, easy to use and portable hardware fundus camera.
• Automated software for DR screening.
Our proposal offers significant benefits over the existing approaches:
• It is a low cost alternative, which is essential for its widespread adoption and acceptance.
• It is a valuable alternative for early detection of RD and prevention of blindness particularly in the case of health systems with fewer resources.
• It is a practical and easy to use solution, not requiring professional expertise.
• It uses non-mydriatic photograpy, and therefore, it is more comfortable for patients.
• It allows to make retinal screenings immediately available at primary health care facilities without an appointment.""
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