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Global business challenge: Breaking the oilgas water dependency with a cost-effective no-waste nanomembrane technology for water reuse


CleanOil consists on the introduction into the market of an innovative filtration solution to treat and reuse the produced water (PW), a highly polluted oily wastewater which is the largest volume byproduct associated to oil and gas production. The solution will allow achieving up to 80% reduction of water demand for oil extraction through the reuse of up to 99% of the PW, and will be based on a proprietary product - ceramic nanomembranes with an innovative production process - installed in a fully integrated solution with the equipment, instrumentation and advanced fouling monitoring and control tools and software.
The project aims to achieve three objectives: (1) reducing the target membrane price up to 4 times, thanks to the upscaling of the nanomembrane production process, (2) launching worldwide highly competitive and cost-effective filtration solutions for the treatment and reuse of PW and (3) international consolidation through the new subsidiaries and strategic partners in high potential markets, aiming for a 3% share of the Likuid’s target industrial filtration market, doubling the existing actual staff and achieving a tenfold increase in EBITDA profit by 2020.
Likuid has identified two market segments targeted by its innovative solution: onshore, with 680 Mill.€ target market (USA, Canada, Colombia, Mexico) and offshore, with 490 Mill.€ target market (North Europe and LATAM). Potential customers for Likuid’s solution are (a) the intermediary EPC, OEM and OFS companies and (b) oil producers, as end-users of the technology. In the project, onshore segment will be addressed with a Canadian demonstration for SAGD and tailing ponds and offshore segment is related to a demo study with Petrobras, who has already tested Likuid’s membranes. Successfull demonstration will boost the market uptake of the new highly-efficient and cost-effective Likuid’s solution, thus helping European cutting-edge technologies to position in the lead of sustainable O&G production.

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