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Tunnel fire stopper or TFS shortly

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TFS (Tunnel fire stopper or TFS shortly)

Reporting period: 2016-03-01 to 2016-05-31

Based on many accidents in road tunnels a new firefighting product named Tunnel Fire Stopper (TFS) was designed. The prime objective of the project is to finalize the development of the innovative Tunnel Fire Stopper to improve fire safety in tunnels, which is also a requirement of Directive 2004/54/EC that lays down a set of harmonized minimum safety standards. TFS represents a new dynamic method of improving fire safety in tunnels compared to conventional technologies since it is able to extinguish a fire within seconds after it is detected and short intervention time is essential for combating fire as quickly as possible. Therefore, the overall objective is to finalize the development of TFS and to contribute to the implementation of the EC directive and SAFE-T (EC funded project recommendations) in road tunnels via launching disruptive breakthrough for transport safety markets, effectively stopping fires, and reducing the effects of fire on the vehicles in tunnels, as well as the effect on the road tunnel infrastructure.
In the feasibility study, we focused on feasibility assessment activities. These activities include economic feasibility, which demonstrates that TFS is economic and viable project with high interest from customers. Legal feasibility shows that TFS can be implemented, taking into account all laws and regulations in targeted markets. Technical feasibility showed that TFS can reach the point of fire in maximum 32 seconds starting from charging station, which is better than initial estimations and crucially outperforms existing solutions on the market. Operational feasibility demonstrates that TFS project can be implemented by the expanded team in ARGAS d.o.o. and has the capacity to respond to a booming demand. Schedule feasibility shows a 24 months period is needed for TFS customization and performance verification. ARGAS has submitted an application for European patent and is cooperating with the Slovenian Institute for Standardization and experts in the field of standardization due to the acquisition of a new standard for TFS fire-extinguishing system.
The TFS is an innovative product that can reduce the risk and consequence of a tunnel fire by putting it out in a matter of seconds. It does not require a lot of space and can be activated automatically. Waiting for fire fighters is no longer needed and neither is the usage of hydrant networks by victims who are not qualified to use them. TFS product uses fire-extinguishing agent ‘Bioversal’ that meets the criteria of the new REACH regulation of the European Union. In terms of socio-economic benefits, the TFS is going to contribute to higher EU GDP by improving the road transport security across Europe, decrease traffic jams and increase tourism. TFS project will enable ARGAS a booming company growth, new employments, unmatchable market competitiveness, and leadership in the tunnel safety market and thus the growth of economy as a whole.
Our employed worker doing some computer simulation
We participate at Innovative Enterprise Conference in Hauge
Development managener doing some tests
Work group doing on the feasibility study