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Demonstration of a healthy and sustainable fry-technology for fast processing of food

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ECOFRY (Demonstration of a healthy and sustainable fry-technology for fast processing of food)

Reporting period: 2016-03-01 to 2016-08-31

The frying process is very popular and is part of any culture worldwide therefore, deep fryers are essential for restaurants and food companies. However they:
a) are energy inefficient
b) generate millions of litres of waste oil/year in Europe (305M litres of used oil per year in Spain). Waste oil is harmful and is found in rivers, lakes… 1 litre of used oil pollutes 40,000 litres of water, equivalent to the annual water consumption of a person at home ,
c) produce blacken and burnt food due to an improper frying process (temperature, time, oil state..): it can cause foodborne illness
d) produce toxic elements that are in contact with food. Some of them are cancerous.
e) are of high risk of fire or accident: oil is a highly flammable liquid. Specialised personnel must attend fryers all the time to avoid burnt food and to prevent starting a fire or injuries. In addition, they require the installation of exhaust ducts and fire extinguishers.

QUALTIFRY, have identified a great opportunity in the growing market for deep fryers with a completely new frying technology named EcoFry that automatizes the whole frying process.
• Our deep fryer, Fast Chef new appliance reduces oil consumption and energy
• Minimises the content of harmful compounds and oil in food
• Moreover, Fast Chef new appliance does not produce smoke and odours and do not require no exhaust duct, reduces labour costs, avoids product loses, is easy to clean, eliminates fire hazards and the risk of burns, and obtains a high quality frying and healthy products.
• Our solution allows any food establishment to incorporate a Fast Chef new Appliance anywhere in their premises and does not need specialised personnel for management.

Our main goal is to take the proposed appliance deep fryer to the global market in the coming couple of years, duly tested and certified. Achieving such a short time-to-market is key to create a difference with competitors. Fast Chef new Appliance will be the first efficient commercial deep fryer that reduces food losses, waste and harmful compounds, safe for operators and for premises and healthy in terms of the fried products.
During this six months time we have performed the following tasks:
1. Refine the requirements of the new Fast Chef new Appliance. These are
a. Increased Production capacity
b. More automatic mechanisms
c. Flexibility both in the feeding process and in the output of the processed food of the appliance.
d. Internet connexion
e. Reduced production cost
2. Prepare a pre beta prototype based in our current Fast Chef Elite model
3. Conduct laboratory analysis to confirm:
a. Savings in electricity consumption
b. Less fat absorption in the food preparation
c. Savings in oil consumption
Our Fast Chef new Appliance compare to competitors goes one step beyond and changes the way the frying process takes place from the operating view point: Transform a very manual process to an automatic one increasing productivity of the whole process. At the same time, this process is efficient from the energy view point, generates much less waste and it is secure from the personnel view point avoiding injuries and minimizing the risk of fire and furthermore produces healthy fried products.
As the Horeca sector (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) is widely extended all over the world the addressable market is huge and the global impact of using Ecofry technology is enormous both from the waste, energy consumption and healthy food point of view. As a matter of a fact, only in EU there are more than 1.5M establishment where frying process takes place with a turnover of 505.000 million € and an employement of 11 million people.
Actual deep frier