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Optimised moulded pulp for renewable packaging solutions


Carbon footprint requirements for consumers & communication strategies

Here the main requirements for carbon footprint environmental claims will be summarized The report will also provide insights on the ways for effective environmental communications to consumer and customers

Consumer panel report

In this document the conclusions obtained from the consumer panel of the project will be summarized and analysed

Socio-economic impact assessment

Report on socioeconomic impact assessment that will define and estimate the effects of the new developments through a Life Cycle Costing LCC analysis and relevant social impacts


A brochure will be prepared for the dissemination of the project’s objectives. The brochure will contain the motivation of the project, its objectives and the technologic challenges involving the proposed innovation. It will also present the partners that constitute the consortium.

Executive summary of the LCA/carbon footprint results

This public report will summarize main conclusions from the LCA results aimed at a broad public

Project’s Website

The project website will provide worldwide dissemination of the project goals and results. It will be open to general public offering information on the project, the partners which form the consortium, results of the project’s activities, etc. It will be updated regularly to provide up to date news about the project and the latest public deliverables.

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