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The Curiosity Carnival: Oxford European Researchers’ Night 2017


Activities during the Nigtht 2

Report on the activities of the NIGHT (list, participation, success rate, possible lessons learnt…), including o A complete list of all the Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows involved in the event with name, surname and project's grant agreement number plus an identical list of any other fellows funded under another Horizon 2020 funding scheme, o Promotional/audio-visual material such as: conferences, leaflets, posters, videos. This comprises at least 15 photos (resolution: 3744x5079 pixels [19 Mpix]) and 1 video (resolution: full HD siwe [1920x1080 pixels], mp4; codec: H.264; average bitrate: between 2500 kbps and 4000 kbps; sound: AAC stereo at 192 kbps), to be potentially used by the European Commission for promotional/communication purposes. Furthermore, a disclaimer must be visible at the entrance of the event in the national language/s of the event. In case any person among the audience does not approve, this possibility should be clearly stated in an application form and the coordinator of the NIGHT event will delete any image/video containing this person before sending it to the European Commission for promotional purposes.

Awareness campaign 2

Report on the awareness campaign (actions, media feedback, activities on Internet such as hits on website, blogs, social networks …), accompanied by samples of promotional material (posters, leaflets, programmes, gadgets…) not later than 30 days after the event.

Report on: Impact assessment

Report on the preparatory works linked to the impact assessment exercise to be conducted related to the 2017 event.

Management 2

Periodic report related to the second reporting period Final management report

Report on Management

Periodic report related to the first reporting period

Impact assessment 2

Report on impact assessment (number of responses, tools used, main trends and conclusions), accompanied by samples of questionnaires/interviews

Report: Awareness campaign

Report on the preparatory works linked to the awareness campaign promoting the 2017 event

Report on Activities during the NIGHT

Report on the preparatory works with a view to the organization of the activities planned to be offered during the 2017 event.

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