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Enhancing FIWARE collaboration between Europe and Mexico

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - FIWARE Mexico (Enhancing FIWARE collaboration between Europe and Mexico)

Reporting period: 2017-06-01 to 2018-09-30

The FIWARE Mexico project aims to:
a) provide a cohesive, comprehensive and easy-to put in place collaborative framework to facilitate and empower the collaboration in FIWARE between Europe and Mexico, so that the FIWARE Mexican community can grow and proliferate, while the European and international reach of FIWARE is strengthened;
b) stimulate the FIWARE innovation ecosystem in Mexico around open technologies, fostering the creation of applications in relevant sectors for the EU-Mexico collaboration, which is expected to lead to exploitation opportunities also for European innovative players;
c) identify and explore priority topics of common interest and mutual value added for FIWARE and ICT R&I cooperation between Europe and Mexico.
The project was launched in September 1, 2016 and over the 25 months of the project lifecycle the project has implemented an interactive and innovative range of activities to enhance FIWARE-driven collaboration between Europe and Mexico, based on the adoption, deployment and improvement of FIWARE in Mexico as a framework that will open up new horizons for future cooperation in the ICT domain.
FIWARE Mexico produced a tangible range of good practices, expertise and knowledge transfer, along with significant assets, including privileged relationships between the FIWARE communities in Europe and Mexico, which contributes to achieve sustainable long-term impacts, and thus to keep the legacy of the project alive.

A number of training programmes on FIWARE have been designed and implemented across Mexico, including a Train the Trainers programme and specific programmes for Developers and Integrators, as well as for Software and Hardware contributors that were successfully completed. As a result, a network of more than 650 Mexican trainers, developers, integrators and contributors have been trained in FIWARE, which contributes to the propagation of the use of FIWARE technologies in Mexico and thus put the basis for a long-term EU-Mexico collaboration in FIWARE.

In parallel, three Working Groups on key thematic areas were established: Industry, Research and Education and Users, which support the uptake of FIWARE technologies in Mexico. Currently more than 30 experts from Europe and Mexico with highly-relevant credentials in the project’s subject matter are members of the WGs. Through the Open FIWARE Camps MX-EU and engagement activities with the WGs core members, FIWARE Mexico has expanded its expertise base and brought to fruition the objectives of the project. Feedback and opinions from members of the WGs have been incorporated into the Input Papers that include business and policy recommendations to enhance the EU-Mexico collaboration in FIWARE.

To support the strategy for EU-Mexico cooperation in FIWARE and broadly in the ICT domain, FIWARE Mexico project has identified ICT priority topics for future cooperation between Mexico and Europe in connection with 5 FIWARE domains (health, energy, smart cities, security and industry 4.0). Furthermore, FIWARE Mexico provides Guidelines for ICT Roadmapping with recommendations to the bilateral dialogue on ST&I for future EU-Mexico collaboration in the ICT domain, as well as a roadmap establishing future steps towards México-EU collaboration in FIWARE.

Furthermore, the FIWARE Mexico comprehensive communication and dissemination strategy helps to broadcast the project updates and deliver the knowledge and know-how to the right target groups. Altogether, these activities increased the visibility of the project, the influence of project events and stimulate engagement among Mexican actors.

In addition, through a comprehensive and coordinated set of actions developed during the project lifecycle, FIWARE Mexico has created strong coordination, networking and liaisons with the local Mexican ICT ecosystem and the international FIWARE community. Actually, there are promising signs of the progressive adoption of FIWARE not only in Mexico but in other Latin America countries (Uruguay and Chile), which contributes to the expansion of FIWARE worldwide.
FIWARE Mexico is having a significant impact that goes beyond the project lifecycle. The impact-driven dissemination strategy put in place since the beginning of the project has contributed to raise awareness, promote understanding and generate engagement with the target groups throughout the project lifecycle and thus to achieve a wide impact of FIWARE.

Growing community of FIWARE in Mexico.
As a result of the training programmes implemented in Mexico to transfer the expertise of FIWARE from Europe towards relevant Mexican actors, we have created a network of 655 trainers, developers, integrators and hardware and software contributors engaged with FIWARE technology in Mexico.

Effective transfer of knowledge, knowhow and FIWARE technologies
The members of the community of FIWARE in Mexico have identified how the FIWARE infrastructure, technology and components can be used to address the main requirements demanded of innovators willing to adopt FIWARE to develop real world products and solutions.

Impact of FIWARE training in Latin America
With the creation of training materials that are available online, the impact of FIWARE Mexico training programmes go beyond the face-to-face sessions. Furthermore, the availability of training materials in Spanish, and more specifically the FIWARE guided-tour in Spanish, allows to expand FIWARE to other Spanish speaking countries in Latin America.

Contribution to FIWARE global ecosystem
The members of the community of FIWARE in Mexico have generated coding examples in the FIWARE domain of air quality, transport, health, security, smart home, and smart agriculture. These set of codes provides FIWARE solutions to challenges in particular cities, such as Mexico City, which experience high levels of pollution and traffic problems.

Mexico in the FIWARE iHubs network worldwide
The National Laboratory of the Future Internet (LaNIF) which hosts the Mexican FIWARE Lab Node, has become a FIWARE iHub since November 2017. LaNIF is the only iHub in Mexico that is part of the 11 FIWARE's iHubs network worldwide, and it will provide training and support to FIWARE in the national context, which ensures the sustainability of the project.

Established liaisons to strengthen synergies
Synergies have not only forged in between European and Mexican players, but also globally via regular interaction with FI-GLOBAL project, dedicated to coordinate FIWARE promotion world-wide.

Building potential Europe-Mexican innovation partnerships
The project events allowed us to provide first-hand information about FIWARE and to spread the value of FIWARE technologies from the business perspective. For example, creating trust in the adoption of Open Standards APIs for the development of innovative solutions in different vertical sectors helps to raise the awareness about the FIWARE added value. All the efforts have enhanced collaboration in FIWARE between EU and Mexico.

Increase Brand Awareness of FIWARE
The FIWARE Mexico dissemination strategy has been focused on increasing the visibility of FIWARE within the innovation landscape in Mexico and globally. This has been supported by combined actions such us the project website and social media, newsletters, distribution of flyers, targeted training, presentations and discussions with relevant stakeholders at FIWARE events.
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