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Mobile-Network Infrastructure for Cooperative Surveillance of low flying drones


2nd yearly report on publication and dissemination activities

This report will contain all dissemination and publication activities of the MoNIfly project (year 2).

UTM server ISD (Interface Specifications Document) for ATC

This report will give a detailled description of the interfaces of the UTM system to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems.

MoNIfly project validation program

A practical guide for the test at Airport Twente and Dusseldorf Weeze, safety & security procedures including quality assurance and risk management. A dedicated sub-chapter named “MoNIfly Test Procedures” will be included where the specific procedures for health and safety of involved persons will be described. This test procedures will be conform EASA rules or / and specific rules for the airports.

Detailed MoNIfly Dissemination and Exploitation plan

A detailled plan with planned dissemination and exploitation events will be presented. This deliverable will also include the process for all dissemination and expoitation activities.

UTM server ISD (Interface Specifications Document) for first responders

This report will specify and detail the interfaces of the MoNIfly system to first responders.

Connection of flight computer and UTM modem

Report on the connection of flight computer and UTM modem. This deliverable will descirbe a physical interface onboard UTM modem to which drone’s flight computer can be connected to. Using this interface flight computer will receive information from UTM modem regarding e.g. No Fly Zones.

1st yearly report on publication and dissemination activities

This report will contain all dissemination and publication activities of the MoNIfly project (year 1).

Network optimization report

Report will include a detailed information about signal coverage, strength and speed measurements of the network before and after optimization for UTM.

Evaluation of test

Coordinate the output together with partners and set up second phase of the validation program including complex tests. This will be done by evaluation criteria in earlier stage.

Report on mobile network at Twente airport

Summary of the installation of the mobile network, listing capabilities and limitations. This report will contain a description of hardware parts used for installation of the mobile network including the information on how the mobile network performs in terms of speed, coverage and other network capabilities.

3rd yearly report on publication and dissemination activities

This report will contain all dissemination and publication activities of the MoNIfly project (all 3 years).

Scenario Definition Document

The MoNIfly scenarios will be described in this report. The scenarios will be executed to validate the operational and technical levels of the UTM.

CONOPS Document

This deliverable will describe the MoNIfly concept of operations for an UTM system. It will detail the systems functions and purpose for all components (ground and airborne segment). The intended mode of operation will also be elaborated.

Validation Report

This report contains the final description of the validation exercises and the achieved results based on earlier criteria given by the other project partners.

Drone operator user interface

Demonstration of the safe navigation, conflict detection, and cooperation capabilities of the customized drone.

Impact assessment report

A report summarizing the impact assessment of the UTM system with parts focussing on - performance and operational gains supported by UTM based on use of cellular network. - safety assessment of the UTM system operation supported by the cellular network use. - the commercial impact of commercial drone users, for the evolution of the drone market.

Organizing and planning validation

Get permission to fly with the UAV's at the test center in Twente and Airport Weeze, set up communication with the Airtraffic Manager, local, regional and national authoritie, UAV’s specified for this project, sensors, certified pilots and communicate with NSN about practical issues.

UTM Modem ISD (Interface Specifications Document)

This report will contain the detailed specification of the interfaces to the UTM modems.

UTM Technical Specifications Document

The detailed descriptions of the technical developments will be provided inside this report. The document will describe the technical specification and features needed for UTM system to support the scenarions defined in D1.3.

RPAS prototype with UTM modem integrated

This demonstrator will be the prototype of the first drone fitted with UTM modem and customized to navigate in the MoNIfly UTM environment.

Validation process (1)

Organize safety and security measurements, and coordinate tests. Communcating procedures with project partners and local authorities.

Prototype UTM modem

This demonstrator will be a hardware capable of connecting to LTE network. It will in addition be capable to connect to different onboard sensors (gps, barometer..etc) which will be used for drone tracking and monitoring with the help of UTM software.

Validation process (2)

Organize safety and security measurements and coordinate test and review with partners. Coordinate flights with local and national authorities.

Interface to generate Geo-fences

Demonstration of the interfaces to generate static and dynamic geo-fence areas.

Public MoNIfly website

The MoNIfly website will be live for public access.


Evaluation of an Automatic Separation Algorithm for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Author(s): Thomas Krüger, Björn Blom, Thomas Feuerle
Published in: Transportation Research Procedia, Issue 43, 2019, Page(s) 309-318, ISSN 2352-1465
Publisher: INAIR 2019
DOI: 10.1016/j.trpro.2019.12.046

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