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A strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities



App explaining AM based on serious games concept will be developed for educational and dissemination purposes.

AM-Motion website

Development of Project website

Models of business collaboration

Definition of at least 3 models of business collaboration between key AM stakeholders, final report

Dissemination and communication strategy

Development of the project dissemination and communication strategy

Report on employer needs

Evaluation of the need for skills and expertise in employees, both at the time of recruitment and afterwards (i.e. lifelong learning).

Standardisation report: gaps and procedures

Final report on analysis of AM standardization framework to identify the gaps and existing barriers in general and specifically for particular sectors and guide that facilitates the rationalisation and dissemination of the process to deliver standardisation mandates from the stakeholders

Final AM roadmap

Development of final version of AM Roadmap

Educational implementation model

Development of an educational implementation model

Cross sectorial transfer analysis and scenarios

Global analysis to identify the potential for technology transfer and barriers

First draft AM roadmap

Development of draft version of AM Roadmap

Report on benchmarking of AM international activities

Identification of AM initiatives carried out outside Europe

Book on AM landscape and recommendations

Book gathering key findings of the project together with the conclusions coming from the conference. It will contain policy recommendations for further actions

Report on summer school

Report on the summer school contents and activities

Mapping of AM educational initiatives

Mapping of existing main educational&training courses with regards AM will be identified and analysed. Moreover, projects/ initiatives regarding this matter ill be also mapped.

Report on new paradigms and ICT tools for AM integration

Identification of methodologies and ICT tools, which could assist rapid integration of AM technologies in the selected sectors.

Selection of key AM sectors for Europe

Analysis of the preliminary selected market driven value chains regarding AM.

Regulatory, EHS and IPR frameworks report

Final report on Assessment of regulatory, EHS and IPR frameworks with regards AM.

Collaboration models -Implementation strategy

Validation of the proposed business models and product design and manufacturing paradigms (Task 4.1 and 4.2) with industrial stakeholders.

Regional AM mapping of competence update

Analyses of regional capabilities and complementarities.

Report on regional clustering

Cluster of regional capabilities and infrastructure around the selected sectorial value chains (T2.1) and its segments.

Report on European and national initiatives and RDI programmes

Information and analysis of current initiatives and RDI programmes related to AM at national and EU level.

Models of business collaboration-draft report

Definition of at least 3 models of business collaboration between key AM stakeholders, draft report

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