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HUman MANufacturing


Trust and Privacy Framework

The deliverable will document the methodology of engaging with the end-users and the results of the work, listing the set of trust and privacy guidelines categorized according as functional or technical requirement

Project Handbook and quality procedures

This is the project handbook documenting all processes, roles and responsibilities to support the smooth running of the project, including templates

Communication Plan

The deliverable will consist of a communication plan, outlining the strategy, impact indicators and supporting tools, including templates

Workplace models

The deliverable documents the models of the workplace elements

Integration Guidelines

This report contains the guidelines to ensure the successful integration of the WP2-WP5 results into the industrial scenarios

Evaluation Analysis

The deliverable contain the analysis of the evaluation results. A first version of the deliverable with the insights into the initial evaluation studies carried out

Supportive Climate Analysis

The deliverable reports the supportive climate achieved by the end of the project, documenting the partnerships established

Dissemination Events

The deliverable documents the dissemination events organized during the project

Evaluation Methodology

The deliverable documents the evaluation methodology with the tools to be used and the studies to be carried out at each of the industrial pilots

Training Materials

This deliverable documents the training methodology and the supporting training materials developed

Evaluation Analysis – final version

The final version of the deliverable, containing the analysis of the studies carried out in the final 6months conveying the assessment of HUMAN


The deliverable is the collation of the videos uploaded to the relevant communication channel


The deliverable corresponds to the project website. Although there will be no follow-up deliverable, the website will be periodically updated as per determined in the communication plan


The deliverable is the brochure of the project including the template for internal pages


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