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Development and Pilot Line Validation of a Modular re-configurable Laser Process Head


Initial Project Presentation

Month 1 Initial Project Presentation with the permission for the Commission also to use.

Initial Communication Kit

Text to be added later.

Project graphic identity and website

This deliverable results from activity in Task 1.2. EWF is to produce the project graphic identity and website, which will be the main information repository to search for dissemination materials such as project brochures, posters and flyers. Also, the website will launch project newsletters, divulging the project’s major news. It will be linked to social websites (e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube), allowing users to participate in the main discussions regarding the project results, while rising the interest in the project’s outcomes. The website will be implemented on a EU domain. In addition, a deliverable report will be provided for review and documentation purposes.

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