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NEW Business models for ITS


Report on Value Network Analysis for NEWBITS

Report summarizing the Value Network Analysis implementation, including the results from the 5 stage process.

Training curriculum

A set of training materials will be developed in a portable, self-study format in the form of eWorkbooks and other electronic training kits. These training materials will be based on a combination of bibliography in electronic format and extra multimedia resources. The volume of materials developed will enable stakeholders to complete the training in a maximum of 16 hours of self-study.

Formalization of NEWBITS modeling method and systemic business dynamics

This deliverable will be a comprehensive and validated conceptual and operative framework for the launching of the Value Network Analysis in Task 4.2. The report will be also fed with outcomes generated in Task 6.1 so to include the specific context of the case studies into the overall framework.

Dissemination Activity Report

Regular Dissemination Activity Reports (DARs) will be produced, recording all dissemination activity carried out as well as forecasting future activities planned by all partners. A final deliverable summarizing the dissemination activity of the project will be elaborated.

Report on barriers and KPIs for the implementation of C-ITs

This report will include a sound study of the barriers for the implementation of (C-) ITS initiatives. For each of the ITS and C-ITS categories identified in Task 2.1, the main barriers will be identified, considering economic (e.g. lack of finance), technological (e.g. technical problems to implement an initiative), organizational (e.g. lack of cooperation between stakeholders), cultural/social (e.g. limited acceptance from mobility users), policy (e.g. lack of support from local/national governments) factors.

Network activities report

A report will gather the information related to the implementation of NEWBITS Network activities (virtual networking activities in the web platform, real life networking activities). It will include a impact assessment of the network and will also include the results of monitoring and impact participation (as referred in Task 6.1.2).

Case study taxonomy

Following the ITS categorization identified in Task 2.1, NEWBITS partners will proceed to define the pre-selected case studies, which will be used in the next WPs to assesses KPIs and business models for the implementation of ITS initiatives and applications in detail. This deliverable will collate the results of the taxonomy into a report.

Overview of ITS initiatives in EU and US

This deliverable will provide the framework for the project at the macro-level by giving an overview of all current and future types of ITS and C-ITS initiatives in the EU and the US. For all initiatives identified, a brief fiche will be elaborated providing information like: brief description of initiative, type of transport for which it is applied (freight vs. passenger, urban vs. long-distance, etc.), type of stakeholders involved, scalability (can the initiative be applied in other countries/contexts as well), etc. The various ITS and C-ITS initiatives identified will be mapped in order to define relevant categories.

Conjoint Analysis on case studies

The report will define the parameters for the Conjoint Analysis (CA), and include the information gathered through its implementation in order to expound user incentives. The report will include information regarding 3 key steps: user identification (linked to WP6); analysis scope; data collection and assessment process. It will also include a methodological introduction.

External liaison plan

The External Liaison Plan will be developed as deliverable which will identify and specify key on-going (in the project time life) projects/initiatives in the EU and US, identify main contact people involved and will assess and foster further synergies during and after the project lifetime.

Market Research Analysis

This deliverable will be implemented as a report containing three layers of information: data relevant to the C-ITS market in Europe, with specific focus on the proposed case studies;stakeholder analysis; and value chain analysis.

CoI configuration synthesis report

This deliverable will report on the CoI configuration. It will provide with the guidelines to support the configuration of CoIs, and it will resume the process followed to map actors (including the CoI Guidelines) and to create the CoIs (up to the definition of activity plan, as stated in Task 6.1.2).

Business case guidelines

Report validating a generic and robust (C-) ITS business case template.The business case template will detail value capturing strategies (on the full lifecycle), governance and collaboration schemes, and will recommend adapted support schemes / incentives / regulations, in particular to address the “last mover advantage” issue.

Definition of NNP

A document will be developed containing all technical and operational requisites and specifications to support the NNP. It will include elements on stakeholder engagement and management as well as network implementation.

Policy recommendations e-book

A short, readable and comprehensive “policy recommendation report” will be edited into an e-book format, in order to be addressed to the policy makers and the decision takers aiming at supporting an accelerate deployment of ITS. The recommendations will include the 4 C-ITS related case studies and business models for C-ITS and will be edited into an e-book format, intended for distribution to policy makers on EU/national/regional level.

Benchmarking ITS innovation diffusion and ITS production processes EU vs USA

The deliverable will include the formalization of the benchmarking process on (to be selected) ITS innovative solutions, and the assessment of the results. The report will compare innovation diffusion processes of ITS and C-ITS solutions in the European Union and the United States, and will support a categorization of the success determinants while exploring future opportunities and threats.

Project Website

An attractive and engaging website will be developed and managed. It will go live by M3, but will evolve and develop throughout the project. Ortelio will maintain it for two years after the end of the project. Given the nature of the work of the project, the site will develop innovative and interactive online tools to demonstrate the business models being developed by the partners. The site will have a public interface and a members’ area and a private space for partners. The public area will ensure that information about the project and its developments, as well as open and public interaction about the issues being addressed within the context of ITS and C-ITS. The private area will allow the sharing of confidential information among partners and facilitate collaboration between consortium members through an online project management tool. The site will feed directly into the Network Platform with contact and networking opportunities and a forum for debate for those stakeholders with a particular interest in the C-ITS and ITS concept fostered by NEWBITS.

NNP web

The NNP will be formalized as an online networking and collaboration platform and will be set up in order to provide information on and communicate the activities upon each case study and as an online collaboration tool. The website will serve as a single point of access to all relevant information and will be updated continually. Also, it will be used as a platform for internal and external knowledge management as a key tool of communication in addition to the project general website.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan (DMP) will be developed within the first months of the project and updated regularly until its final edition and delivery by M30. It will contain NEWBITS approach to data management and a summary of the activities performed in terms of key data development.

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