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ADvancing user acceptance of general purpose hybridized Vehicles by Improved Cost and Efficiency


Report on state of the art and requirements

Deliverable D2.1 Report on state of the art and requirements (AVL-S, M6) Target of this deliverable is to provide a state of the art review for the technology to be provided in WP1 and summarize the technology and market requirements for these components. This deliverable shall serves as basis for the following deliverables.

Testing procedures

D3.1 Testing procedures Description of the testing procedures applied in ADVICE with purpose to fulfill the expected impacts of the project central theme. Basis for D 3.2 and D 3.3

Final Dissemination Report

D7.8 Final Communication & Dissemination Report (VIF, M36) (related to Task7.2)

Project webpage

D7.1 Project webpage (IESTA, M3) (related to Task7.2)

First ADVICE Newsletter

D7.12 Newsletter (IESTA, M12) (related to Task7.2) On a regular basis, the public will be informed of the progress and the main results of the ADVICE project. Contributions to the Newsletters will be provided by all partners

Second ADVICE Newsletter

D7.13 Newsletter (IESTA, M24) (related to Task7.2)

Dissemination Plan

D7.6 Updated Dissemination Plan (IESTA, M12) (related to T7.2) The Dissemination Plan and its updates provide the strategic and the according operative dissemination activities foreseen by the consortium. It contains the identification of stakeholders with a corresponding mapping of results to be communicated and the corresponding communication channels. The Report on Dissemination Activities is the counter piece to the Dissemination Plan, specifying which activities from the Dissemination Plan have been realized in which way and lists further dissemination activities realized by partners outside the strategic dissemination planning.

Report of requirements for HEVs optimal operations

Evaluation driving scenarios and the optimal operation of HEV systems in such. These activities will especially focus on: • Offline optimization of vehicle speed profiles along a given mission having prior knowledge about all boundary conditions like e.g. road maps, weather, visibility, traffic • Offline optimized set point profiles of energy management for different generic vehicle topologies

Third ADVICE Newsletter

D7.14 Newsletter (IESTA, M36) (related to Task7.2)


Review of Thermal Management of catalytic converters to decrease engine emissions during cold start and warm-up

Author(s): Gao, J, tian, G., Sorniotti, A., Karci, A., Di Palo, R.
Published in: Applied Thermal Engineering, 2018, ISSN 1359-4311
Publisher: Pergamon Press Ltd.

A Constrained Eco-Routing Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Based on Semi-Analytical Energy Management

Author(s): Giovanni De Nunzio, Antonio Sciarretta, Ibtihel Ben Gharbia, Luis Leon Ojeda
Published in: Proceeding of 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018
Publisher: IEEE

A General Constrained Optimization Framework for the Eco-Routing Problem: Comparison and Analysis of Solution Strategies for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Author(s): Ben Gharbia I., De Nunzio G, Sciarretta A
Published in: Transportation Research Part C, Issue Under review (2nd round), 2020
Publisher: Elsevier

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