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A highly innovative size recommendation engine, disrupting the existing online apparel market by using big data and machine-learning algorithms.


Report of planned and completed communication activities

"In order to make sure that our communication activites are aligned with our initial communication plan (see deliverable D3.1), the report about planned and completed communication activites should reflect the status of each objective according to the initial communication plan. In addition to that, it should also include a plan about future communication activities after the project's end. The plan should include a summary of the execution of our communication activities, and if the corresponding goals were accomplished. This deliverable is linked to the tasks 3.1 (""Communication Planning"") and Task 3.3 (""Execution of Communication Activities"")."

Demonstration report

"The report should outline the planned demonstration activites with our selected clients. It should be open to the public and (most probably) published on our project website. It should contain - if possible - the dates for demontrations and the outcome of the demos to attract further clients and a broader audience. The demonstration report will also contain non-confidential information for dissemination purposes This deliverable is linked to task 6.1. (""Integration and demonstration of FITA2.0"")."

Project website portal

"The project website about FITA2.0 shall be launched after 3 months following the start of our project. It shall communicate project-related information to the general public and potential clients and end-users of FITA2.0. The project website will be updated periodically. This deliverable is linked to task 3.2 (""Project website and identity communication tools"")."

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