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Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired and other Disabilities

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Tech4Freedom 2.0 (Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired and other Disabilities)

Reporting period: 2016-07-01 to 2017-04-30

We believe that every person, regardless of his disability, medical condition or age has the right to provide his full potential to the world.

Our conviction is that to achieve so, it is only necessary that each person gets the necessary tools to meet his specific needs.

We create cutting edge devices aimed to provide more autonomy to people with medical pathologies, and functional or sensorial diversity.

The Box 2.0.
-A customizable personal device with sensors, created as a hardware open source platform, providing the main daily life solutions to the users, that can be controlled by its sole button.
-The device analyses the surroundings of the user and monitors his/her health parameters, providing the information he/she needs depending on his activity.
Eg. If I'm blind the device will tell me where is my son, or the colour of my shirt, or if this is the bottle of milk or juice.
If I have cardiovascular issues, the device will inform me (or to my care giver) my heart rate, blood oximetry or blood pressure.

-Our open source hardware platform with sensors, allows third companies to integrate their certifiable medical software.

We provide:
To users (Or their care givers): A customizable device covering their main daily life needs with an affordable price and easy to use philosophy.

To Third companies: A hardware where to integrate their mobile applications.
At this stage the project, the preliminary hardware has been designed. Also the software specifications has been defined.

We detail below the main dissemination activities done so far during the project execution:

Braille Tech, Brussels

Smart City World Congress, Nov 2016

CENTAC Congress, Nov 2016

Jornadas de usuarios UTLAI, Dic 2016

iTech reportage, TV channel that promotes technology in the middle east. This reportage became viral.
The project Tech4Freedom 2.0 will change paradigms to make possible that persons can achieve greatest autonomy and independence in their daily lives.
There is no other device that allows easy customization to meet the needs of each user regardless his uniqueness, and also allowing third companies to integrate their software even for each unique singularity worldwide.

The mentioned change on paradigms, will take place among the following collectives:
-Collectives with a disability (about ONE BILLION people)
-Collectives with multiple disabilities. (About 250 MILION people)
-Collectives with a disability and medical pathologies: (About 350 MILLION people)
-Elderly people.
-People with one or more medical pathologies.
Jornadas de usuarios UTLAI, Dic 2016
CENTAC Congress, Nov 2016
Smart City World Congress, Nov 2016
Braille Tech, Brussels